Lifx and smartlighting not working

I see people have been having lifx issues but I’m unsure if they’re the same as mine. All my lights work with the app so I’m able to turn them on and off. But they don’t work with the smart lighting automation anymore so I’m unable to trigger them with motion sensors?

I’m using the old app. Would I have better luck with the new one?

Annoying as I have a lot of bulbs. I hope it gets sorted soon whoveres end it is on!

Thanks in advance

Can you please provide some details please, what type of LIFX bulbs are you using? Which integration? (Old LIFX connect or new C2C from the new app?)
What are you trying to do with Smart Lighting? What is not working?

I am tagging @Brad_ST, as he would might want to know what is the issue with Lifx bulbs and Smart Lighting.

Hello basically my lifx lights on the old app stopped working with the smart lighting smart app, so I could turn them on and off using buttons and the app but they wouldn’t work with motion sensors.

I reached out to ST help and they said:

“We are in the process of migrating LIFX customers from the legacy Groovy integration to SmartThings Schema. A small number of users may experience issues controlling their LIFX devices after the migration process”

He went on to say they’re phasing out the smart lighting smart app as people migrate over and start using automations on the new app, and that I should use automations on the new app, so I’ve spent the last 3 hours reluctantly migrating over to the new app. I don’t like change, but it’s inevitable I guess! I was very happy with the simplicity of the old app :sob:

Yes, inevitable. But there is still time to go with the Classic app.
And honestly, I would be surprised if the Smart Lighting would be phased out. As it is a piece of SmartApp which is actively developed/fixed. And currently the only way to run any automated stuff locally on the hub, of course if all devices in the setup run locally too.

So, you say, motion sensor trigger is not turning on and off the LIFX bulbs.

There was another topic about a same issue a few days ago.

Which LIFX bulb type? Mini?

@metalp3n have you tried to trigger the LIFX bulbs with motion in Smart Lighting?

Thanks I’ll have a look, I have mini and colour and gu10. I’ve tried smart lighting, that’s the only thing that doesn’t work

@Joseph_Vincent, Are you trying to do this?

Set color and brightness together in Smart Lighting on motion trigger?

If yes, then build a Scene in the new app. Test it a few times, then set it in the Smart Lighting rule to activate the scene.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go. Have always used classic app for doing things, didn’t realise they had updated newer app.

You might want to read this announcement, if you were not aware of the new app yet:

Thanks chaps.
Thanks Joseph, seeing scene does work. All 4 lights coming on and off at desired temperature and brightness. Only thing is I don’t seem to be able to choose a colour in the colour control section… Any ideas?