Lifx Connect (Standard ST interation) - "Cannot Save: Credentials"

(Joel) #1

Hi All,

I am waiting for a response back from Smartthings on lifx integraiton .I had two lights top responding via smartthings (but worked on lifx app)

They responded once saying there was a known issue they were working on with lifx… but that was a week ago.

I deteld the two bulbs I had issues with, and tried to re add them to see if they’d start working again but get the error “Cannot save: Credentials” after clicking done on the Lifx Location screen (under lifx connect)

Anyone know wha tthe known issue is? I really don’t want to totally reinstall my lifx setup as I have quite a few lights :frowning:

(Sean Prange) #2

I have a lot of LIFX bulbs. Most of them work reasonably well and I have no problems with the LIFX Connect app. My only issue (which apparently is a known problem with the bulbs) is that some of them will randomly become unresponsive and drop off the network. On the LIFX community forums it seems there is a beta firmware out there that can help. I realize this may be a bit OT for you…sorry can’t help with your exact problem.

(Joel) #3

Thanks. Curious if you have any gu10 ? My bulbs other bulbs need to be reset every now and again but my downlights have on going issues. Mainly cause of them being in the roof and not getting a clean signal

(Sean Prange) #4

It is mainly my BR30s that cause me grief although some A19s in a low hanging fixtures that should have no signal barriers at all. Drives me mental as my kitchen has 3 groups with 16 bulbs in total and every time there will be at least one bulb in a group that doesn’t turn on or off. It’s worse when it’s bed time. I ended up putting in zwave switches too just so I could power them off to get them working again. This is rarely a problem for my Hue bulbs (which aren’t as bright and have poorer color reproduction).

(Joel) #5

yeah it’s been frustrating… but at least it’s an off/on fix and it doens’t happen to often with mine… my gu10s though mmmm. but lifx support have been awesome.

I just wish i could re add my two bulbs to smartthings! Support (ST) just go quiet after responding once which is quite frustrating.