LIFX and Smarthings Integration Issues

Hi All,

I have 3 LIFX 1000 light bulbs that are having problems connecting to ST. I have deleted and hard reset the bulbs and still have issues with it.

Firstly it would say “installing and automating light bulbs” and soon after it will show an error “Cannot save: Credentials and save page” after clicking done on the Lifx Location screen (under lifx connect)

If anyone has any solution or workaround please do share with me as I am currently operating the bulbs with the native app as integrating and getting the bulbs listed in Things has been a problem.

Many thanks,

I had a similar problem. It was my fault which I had 2 accounts for lifx and I was logged on to the wrong one in the smartthings app.

I encounter similar issue for one of my new lifx, I renamed the bulb, and try to connect after some time and it work