Lifx bulbs with smartthings

I have seen several discussions and tips on the lifx forums regarding their bulbs dropping off the network, and I’ve had nothing but problems with them since I got them on sale last week. The color is AWESOME, but what I didn’t realize is they are only wifi and do not have any zigbee or zwave. From what I can tell the hue’s have Zigbee? Is anyone else successfully using the lifx bulbs without a lot of problems?

Have you tried manually assigning static ip to bulbs? Also check to make sure that your network limit (for connected devices) isn’t set too low.

Might also want to try pinging it on port 56700, that’s what lifx uses.

Depending on your setup you could also try extending lease time to bulbs. I do know lifx developers had similar problems but were able to get best results when connected to 2.4 on channel 6.

I’ve been using one for a little over a week without issues, have 7 more on the way. They will all be used in pretty close proximity to my router though. Since they are all wifi, are any of them in areas where the signal is weak?

Thanks for the tips, I’ll check those. I did change everything over to channel 6. I’m on google fiber, and the router is not too far away from the bulbs, they are however outside (I know they are meant to be indoors)

One other thing to check is the firmware, I believe there is a beta version out for the exact problem you are having.

I have 5 of them, no problem in working with SmartThings

I have 38 LIFX bulbs and I have gone through some pain but have them all working just fine now. Before I try to help you, how many do you have?

I have two. They are outside in my porch lights. I have Google fiber, and the individual fiber boxes also act as wireless repeaters, however I have that capability turned off as I don’t think it’s really necessary devices seem to be slower that way.

Are you controlling them through SmartThings or using the LIFX app? Also, can you do an experiment for me?

I need to know if you get better reliability using the LAN or using the Web.

On your cell phone, make sure you are connected to the wifi network at home. Use the LIFX app (not SmartThings for this test). Turn the lights on / off, set the level. Howe does it perform? Now turn wifi off and do the same thing connected to the cellular network.


Thanks for your help…I’ll have to let you know when I get back home, I’m out in Florida until Sunday but I’ll give it a try when I get back.

You router’s DNLA list must look as good as mine. The reason why I run 720hr/30 day IP leases and static addresses.
When a customer service rep asks me about how many devices I have online and I say well over 100 they usually just run away scared and crying.

I know exactly what you mean. Since making all the bulbs static, I made most other items static also. My DHCP range is only 50 addresses.

I have 115 devices with an IP address, of which 74 are wireless.

Right now I get better reliability over HTTP than I do with LAN control. They have told me it is a know issue they hope to address soon. Not a huge deal as I generally only control them through ST, but when ST is down or LIFX cloud is down, my house is dark.

Can somebody tell me of a good iOS application that I can find out how many wireless devices I have, what channels are on, blah blah blah. And how can I change the channels of certain devices? I have a Mac. And I can go into the AirPort Utility but it gives me a limited options.

Open Signal has one, its a 3g 4g Wi-Fi all in one, if your phone is jailbroke then hands down Wi-Fi analyzer (if not try and get an android device long enough to run it on)


I tried your tests above and there was really no difference, however they haven’t dropped off the network on either one, but…as I mentioned they are outside in my light fixtures by my garage, so just guessing the range isn’t that good?

Sorry I should have mentioned I brought them inside to my kitchen fixture to do this, I’ve found they keep dropping if I use them outdoors, just thinking maybe zwave/zigbee lights are better if the signal is not strong enough.

The range might be the issue.

So I’ve just got one going right now, hasn’t dropped off the app once. Go figure.

For entertainment purposes…I installed the other light back out there…worked fine for about 2 hours. Then…both of them dropped off again. Do you think assigning a static IP would help?

These bulbs suck as wifi clients. I highly suggest giving them a static IP. I don’t remember if I already told you this, but don’t turn them off with a wall switch. I have found the following…

Event           Time Until Stable
Loss of Power   2-3 hours
Loss of Wifi    10-50 minutes
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That’s interesting…Ok, yes I’ll do that. I have them on a wall switch now but don’t plan on turning them off if they are reliable, I just didn’t want them running today while I couldn’t test them. But seeing that makes me think I should have left them on so I could have troubleshooted when I got home.