LIFX anyone?

I have two LIFX bulbs and they work great! Any current work to integrate them in ST?

I’m getting my 4 next week according to FedEx. @bryan-lemon-icclegmail-com was working on some integration here:

Not sure how far he’s gotten on it but hopefully he’ll check in here and update us.

Hi Scott,

If you’re still interested in controlling LIFX bulbs from Smartthings, see my post here:

@eran Thanks for the update. Looks like you are off to a great start.

Well, I’m about ready to give up on Lifx. I’ve had 4 bulbs for a number of months now and while they talked about the possibility of connecting with SmartThings, I’ve seen no effort on their front to make any sort of connection.

Add in that there is a problem with my phone never being able to see/use the bulbs (my tablets can) that lifx has not been able to solve and no news what so ever on Lifx Cloud (other than “coming soon…” for months now) which would presumably give at least some ability to integrate with ST via REST calls.

Then today I get an email saying that Lifx works with Nest. They’ve integrated the bulbs so that when the Nest smoke detector alerts on something the bulbs respond. Now, I don’t begrudge Lifx from choosing who they want to partner with… it’s their company, they can do what they want. But at the same time this seems like a pretty solid indicator of what direction they are taking as far as great home automation… and that direction is not SmartThings.

Again… their decision, they can do what they want. But I’ve got SmatThings and no plans to change right now. Now the question is, do I try to get some Hue? Or do I wait for the RGBW z-wave bulbs from Zipato?