LIFX bulbs not showing up as Things

I connected a new gen3 LIFX BR30 bulb and its registered and working great from the LIFX app. However SmartThings does not show the bulb at all as one of my Things. If I try to Add Device to SmartThings, it doesn’t find it (even trying the manual method) and some text in the ST app says to add the device via the official LIFX app and ST will automatically add it - but it didn’t which is the point of this post. I deleted the bulb and tried again from scratch, but had the same result. I have several gen2 LIFX BR30 and A19 bulbs and those all show up as Things in ST just fine. Ideas?

I’m having this same issue. Any resolution? I currently have 6 other BR30 bulbs setup and all 6 appear in the smartthings app. The one that doesn’t show in smart things does show up in the Lifx app and can be fully controlled via that app.

Sorry, just seeing this. Did you get it to work? I can’t remember how I got it working. I am thinking that after a certain amount of time it just showed up… ?

I am having the same issue. Did anyone get this resolved? If so, how? Some of my Lifx bulbs show up in Smarthings and some do not.
Strange things…

Seconded. Only 6 out of my 13 lifx lights show up in my smart things account when I enable the integration.

Just had that problem today and it turned out that my bulb was disconnected from the cloud. Click on your bulb on the LiFX app and click on setting then you can see if the status is “Connected” or “Disconnected”. Then this is a good article to start with to connect it again to the LiFX cloud:

If this doesn’t work then I’d suggest re-provisioning the bulb through the LiFX app (remove the bulb from the cloud and start from scratch again).

Then after all this make sure that the bulbs are all in the same group in the LiFX app. Otherwise, the SmartThings app can only choose one group of bulbs. BTW, I am using the SmartThings Classic app. And these steps at least work for me.