LIFX Color Bulb Integration

I am a brand new install. I picked up the Home Monitoring Kit and installed it with no issues.

I also picked up t2o of the LIFX 1000 Color bulbs. I have them workmen fine in the LIFX app but when I try to add them in the smartthings app, it does not show any locations for those bulbs - therefore they do not appear.



Have you connected your LIFX bulbs to your LIFX cloud account? (The SmartThings integration works via the SmartThings cloud service talking to the LIFX cloud service, so you must have your bulbs connected to the LIFX cloud service).

Have you followed the steps outlined by SmartThings for connecting your LIFX bulbs?

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It seems as though my issue is the bulbs themselves. I am able to “claim” them in the app, but they do not appear to be getting registered onto the cloud. Will be contacting LIFX today I guess.

I can control them internal using their app - so they are getting onto the WI-FI. If I turn off WI-FI on my phone I can no longer control them.


Not completely sure what resolved it - but is working now. Will play with it a bit more when I have some time and report back…

FYI - there is a long running and quite annoying bug with the LIFX bulbs.

Every once in a while a bulb will lose its connection with the LIFX cloud service. The bulb will continue to respond to commands over the LAN (e.g. from the mobile app), but you cannot control it via IFTTT, SmartThings or the LIFX app over the cellular network (i.e. with WiFi on the phone disabled). Other bulbs on the same LAN will continue to work both via the LAN and via the cloud. The only way I know to fix this condition is to power cycle the offending bulb.

Whilst much less frequent with the later firmware versions, the bug still persists.