LiFx bulb add won't save

My LiFx bulb can no longer be controlled in the SmartThings app (the newest one, not the to-be-discontinuted “classic”). It was working previously. I went in and removed the device and then added it back in the usual way; picked a room, did the plus sign, picked lighting, picked Lifx, etc. The ST app recognized the bulb and indicated it was now connected and I clicked done. However, the bulb was not there when I went back, either in the designated room or anywhere else. I have repeated this several times with the same result. The ST app is just not saving the add.

The bulb is a 1000 color bulb that is WiFi connected. It works fine on the LiFx app, but not on the SM app for the reasons noted and therefore not on Alexa (which has the ST skill enabled, which is working fine with numerous other IOTs) either.

One thing I did notice is that when I add the bulb the ST app does not ask for my LiFx lon-in credentials, but then those aren’t needed with a WiFi connect are they?