Life360 seems to send notifications properly, but presence status not updated?

I have configured Life360 to see how it works for presence detection.
Setup was smooth.
This morning one element of the family left, and I do see that logged in ST:
bdc30d12-d1ac-xxx 6:55:02 AM: debug Life360 Event: Circle: 0599c33b-5bdc-xxx, Place: 6c835e32-7348-xxx, User: 21f6d446-d0a6-xxx, Direction: out
bdc30d12-d1ac-46c3-xxx 6:55:02 AM: debug In placeEventHandler method.

But presence for the same user is not updated in ST… Any clue? Should I work with support?

I just went through the Life360 settings in the ST app on iphone, and not changed anything. But at the end of that process a refresh of all family presence was kicked - and the missing person was detected as not present…
Shouldn’t that happen automatically? Was the life360 app stuck?

OK, I think I know what’s going on. But I don’t know how to fix it.
I have two hubs/locations in ST; which implies I had to register Life360 twice in ST, first for location A then for location B.

Right now the Life360 “ST code” running in the context of location B is receiving notifications from Life360; while location A is not. I suspect ST’s code registers with Life360 with the same name/id no matter which location it does it from, which implies that only the “last location” to register wins - and receives notifications from Life360.
What should happen, instead, is that each ST code instance should register with Life360 with a name/id specific to the location where it’s running - so that Life360 can understand those are different entities, and send notifications to both.

I’ll contact support about this; in the meanwhile, if anyone has any clue about how I could get/modify the Life360 ST’s integration code, please let me know.

Well, to close this thread: I investigated the issue, and discovered that this seems to be a Life360 limitations. Notification to smartthings is sent by Life360 through what they call “webhooks”, which allow to specify a URL endpoint which Life360 invokes every time there is a change in the state of a member of what they call “circle” (a family, for example).
Unfortunately, it looks like you can’t register multiple webhooks for the same circle; which makes it impossible to use the same circle to control presence for two different ST locations…
The workaround I’m testing is to create two circles, one for each ST location I have…

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I had almost the EXACT same issue…even within the same ST location if you have a few different locations/circles the ‘token’ can only be handed to one instance for one location.

To solve this I created 2 accounts and then shared each other’s information with them. So, I can have Life360 presence working at both of my houses.

I even created a 3rd account that activates mid-point when I am driving between the locations that will ‘turn off’ one house, and then ‘turn on’ the other house using a custom app.

Yep, that would work too; I personally found it more practical to have multiple circles in the same account, rather than multiple accounts.

Indeed…at the end of the day if it works then that is the most important thing.

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I’m reviving this topic. I have one account and hub with ST and two users connected with Life360 interated with ST.

Life360 will not report status changes to ST. The only time it changes is if I go into the Life360 settings inside of ST and then it magically refreshes.

I don’t believe my issues are as complex as having multipe Hubs and circles and whatnot.

Anyone have an idea?

I had the same exact issue this morning with one user except it would not update if I went in the Life360 app. The Life360 app showed the correct location however ST did not update their presence. I had to go into the Life360 Smartapp (ST) and click next through the next buttons in order for the status to update correctly.

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I have to do this from time to time.
Maybe only every other month.

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I’ve been having issues with presence since the day I received the v2 hub. There is a known limitation right now with ST that you can’t have multiple accounts so it was suggested in another thread to temporarily use Life360 to integrate presence with ST.

Initially I tried installing one instance of the Life360 (Connect) app and selecting both my wife and myself as users but that always throws an error. So I had to install two instances of the app and only selecting one user each time.

The problem I’m now having is that whenever I leave the house ST automatically recognizes that I’ve left the geofence but it does not automatically pickup my wife’s location. It only works after she opens the ST app on her iPhone then the location is updated, it will not do this automatically in the background ONLY when she opens ST.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Same thing here with one user. Randomly works. It has been happening for two weeks now. I will contact support on Monday. Please do the same.

I’m having this same issue randomly.

What did support say about this issue?

Oddly enough it is happening again for about a week now. I need to reach out to support. The last time I believe they updated the Life360 app in IDE under smatapps. I have been trying the same thing but when I do it makes all Life360 presence device away and they only way to make it home is have the device leave the fence and arrive again.

Yep, can confirm that the reporting between Life360 and ST is… less than optimal right now. So far, I’ve been able to correct everything by just going into the life360 smartapp on the phone and next/next/done updating it. But that only helps when you already know that something is wrong. Doesn’t help ST run Goodbye or anything when you’re not aware that there is an issue.

And I have checked the Life360 android app itself, and it shows everybody’s location correctly. Such as, Life360 shows my wife at work, but ST presence still shows her present at home. She’s a wonderful lady, but even she can’t be in two places at once!

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Did you guys report this issue to ST support?

I contacted them yesterday and they kept saying that there’s nothing wrong with Life360 Connect in ST and that it’s my issue. ST support stated that you can only have one location in Life360 even though it worked perfectly with multiple locations in Life360 until recently.

@Aaron Any idea what’s going on with Life360 Connect app? Contacting ST support is pointless. I literally spent an hour with them and the whole time they were just looking for something I did wrong and never looked at anything on the ST side of things for this Life360 presence issue.

That’s been my general experience with ST support every time in fact. I’ve NEVER been helped, only blamed for the problem I was reporting and spending the entire time looking for something I did wrong since there’s never anything wrong on the ST side of things apparently. Seriously, I’ve had better support experience with Comcast than ST, which is really sad.


Having L360 issues here for the past several days. Sometimes it auto updates, other times I’ll have to go into the smartapp and run though the setup again for it to detect that someone has left.

@tslagle13 @Aaron @jody.albritton Maybe you guys can help move this issue along the support channels?

I am having this same issue as well. It has been going on for 1 - 2 weeks for me. Same workaround that @talz13 mentioned, going into the Life360 (Connect) smart app and just hitting next/done.

Please report to ST support if you’re having this issue.

ST support will NEVER do anything about this issue until they have multiple reports about it.

Remember, with ST support it’s always your fault until proven otherwise.

My wife and I use Life360 for location and I use IFTTT on my sons phone for location. The past two weeks both services have been very unreliable. Mostly the Life360. You can open the L360 app and our locations are correct, but the presence for family members in the SmartThings app is incorrect. You can do the thing where you update the Life360 settings and everything works normally for a day maybe, then it goes back to randomly not working. I have several routines based on presence and this is getting very frustrating. Can’t they keep this platform reliable???