Life 360 - failsafe logic

It seems like ST really doesn’t like me to go into office. It doesn’t happen too often, but when I do, my life 360 presense via connect app is telling me that I should be home, thus switches my presence to home, even if I am actually in the office, some 20 miles away from home. I checked and is not the life 360 service, as the native app is showing the correct location. It is definitely the ST app. So, I am trying to find a way to avoid my home reacting to my ghost (switching my alarm off, turning lights, etc…you know the usual things that a home does upon someone returning home). Ant thoughts, ideas?

Did you make a location there in Life360? Delete it? I thought of using it to let someone know when left the office, maybe you were on the same track?

I do have a location for work, but it doesn’t always happen when I am at work. The other day I was with my friends and I’ve got notification that I arrived home. Strange enough though, is that it doesn’t happen with my wife, it’s always me, for some reason. Or maybe that I am away more often…idk.

Oh and another thing I noticed, it flips back to away a minute or two later, but is enough to confuse my system…

Have you thought about putting a presence fob in your car and using that as well?

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I am seeing this same exact issue. Life360 app shows some of my family members 30 miles away from the house but the ST app see them at home. I have a ticket open with support so hopefully they can figure it out.

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Yeah, but had the opposite effect. My fobs were going away when I was home and after I done everything I can, the best solution was to take the batteries out and delete the dag on things. Maybe I should try again now that things appear more stable.

Along those lines, I am testing the Automatic presence via IFTTT, but I cannot get fast enough response from IFTTT and found that automatic itself is too buggy.

You might want to try @bridaus’s smartapp which handles sticky presence sensors. I have been using it with my Wife’s key fob in her car like @Mike_Maxwell mentioned and her mobile app for the past week and it’s worked perfect so far (after I moved my hub to closer to driveway). ST Mobile Presence needs a backup unfortunately. In my case, I have DD-WRT, Keyfobs, Automatic and ST Mobile app!

Same problem here however… The ST app log AND the Life360 app history are both (identically) out of wack. When ST app says I am home so does the Life360 app (based on history log).

I use both Android Mobile and Life360 as presences sensors within ST. Right or wrong, both report the same thing at all times.

I believe my problem started with the last android update from v5.x to v6.x

So are you saying that the problem is coming from the life 360 service? I didn’t look at its history, but everytime it happened I looked at l360 app and it was showing the correct location…

That may not be the cause, as my wife has identical phone and it doesn’t seem to happen to hers.

I think it is android related… I can remove Life360 out of the picture all together and just use the Mobile as a presences sensor. Same problem. For now I have overcome the problem by using my old key fob. It on its own is totally unreliable but combined with the other sensors seems ok…
Key fob AND Android mobile AND Life360 report away = really away :slight_smile:
Key fob AND Android mobile AND Life360 report home= really home :slight_smile:

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LOOOL that’s what I have in mind too PLUS automatic…:slight_smile: How did you achieve the “really away”? Was thinking to go the virtual presence route, but the degree of redundancy nullifies the idea of using presence :frowning:

Well, I use(d) Routine Director but also wrote my own app. I was nervous about unlocking doors using presence sensors so I came up with a routine that call Tasker which computes “distance from home” and passes it back to my app. Unless I am within 50’ (or whatever I set) from my door, dont unlock. At this point I will contradict myself… While my app reports both Mobile and Life 360 have arrived home suggesting, as I said earlier, the problem lies with android, Tasker (using Android GPS) calculates the real distance correctly. Hence my door wont unlock becasue I am waaaaaay to far from home. Despite this, I have turned off the unlock feature. Now that I have added the key fob to the mix I may re-enable it/

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Thanks, I looked briefly at @bridaus s app, couple of days ago, but it requires a change of scope for my use case. Brian’s app seems to have been designed around which presence arrives/departs first. In my case, I am looking to build logic around what @cdikland said…when I am “really home” or “really away”. And I don’t really want to use the motion sensor, as I am also thinking to put back my auto garage door opening.

It only helps in a “sticky” situation, but not when you have flopping going on. I would say the sticky sensor seems to be the biggest problem where one of my sensors doesn’t register when I am home or away, or doesn’t do it timely.

I tried something like @cdikland suggested with Rule Machine, but ultimately my wife’s 3 presense sensors all are unreliable at various times so I couldn’t count on all of them to be accurate at the same time.

I just wish the mobile presence from ST would work right and we wouldn’t have to resort to this.

I’ve been trying to get reliable and timely presence since day one of my home automation. I had it going pretty well with v1 for a while but then a train wrecked it, and I wasn’t able to get it back. The search continues for #reliablepresence My last resort is to get the onHub and use the wifi, I tried that before but fios routers are wonky to set up

I have a FIOS router with an Asus router. All you need to do is disable the Wireless radios on the FIOS router, plug the On-Hub into your lan port of FIOS router and you should be fine. Just a word of advice, your plan will work assuming you have good wireless reception in your house and stay connected to the Onhub. However, if you have other access points in the house and roam to them, this won’t be reliable. I found that out the hard way after setting up DD-WRT and seeing my wife and my phone drop off as we moved to the rear of the house.

Same here, but I didn’t turn off the FIOS. Been thinking to replace my Asus with OnHub…