Life360 out of synch

Minor issue that usually happens just a few times per year… But now it’s happened around 5 or 6 times in past 2 wks:

Life360 integrated to ST via SmartApp, sending data to ActionTiles. Sometimes I’ll notice in ActionTiles that it shows that I’m not home, when I actually am at home. Seems like just a simple out-of-synch type issue. So to fix it, I go into ST app (classic version) > Automations > SmartApps > Life360 Connect. I tap ‘Next’ on first screen, then ‘Save’… and it brings it back to being in synch (ActionTiles then shows me as being home).

Not a big deal, just a minor inconvenience- but it’s now beginning to happen more frequently. Any ideas why that might be? Thx!

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