Life360 Can't Add a Life360 Place

Basically, I have my home set up as a Place in Life360 (it’s my only Place too, so I’m not hitting the limit). After installing TMLeaf’s Life360 integration in the IDE, I can add Life360 (Connect) as a SmartApp in my ST app. I log in with my Life360 credentials and then ST asks me to select which Life360 Place I want to use. It’s supposed to list all of my Life360 Places but it’s empty for me and I can’t progress any further.

I recorded a clip of what it looks like on my end:

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I had the same problem when I set mine up last winter. Selecting my locations via the Life360 app did not show up in ST. I read some where that you had to select your locations using their web page which I did and it worked. The problem is I recently read that they shut down that web page.

You can set up more than 2 places in free life360. You can get notifications in life360 from only 2.
For example you can have 1. Home, 2. Work, and 3. School, and track Work and School within life360, but setup Home location from life 360 as Home location in Smartthings.
That way you can track 3 locations

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I see now. The video was helpful. My recollection is about the same as @Paul_Oliver in that I had to go to the webpage to add locations, which you can’t do now. When I click to add on locations now, I see four of my locations. (@milandjurovic71 is correct . . .the “2” limit is for notifications.)

I don’t know what to suggest as it appears L360 has killed the one way of properly adding places to be recognized by ST.

@tmleafs Tagging in case you have any thoughts.

So, did anyone found a solution on this? Life360 still doesn’t have a new web interface

I am also still looking for a solution. Still no Life360 website available.

Hi my friend, I have the same problem, I have 1 place in Life360, but in ST interface after enter credentials do not display any place to select, then “Next” button is banned, any idea ?..

Hi my friend…, thanks for your kindly help but this is not the problem, the problem is that in ST there is no display of any of places set in Life360…

Mine still shows place(s)

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There was an issue yesterday with Amazon Services being down.

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Thanks my friend, I have read that in this cases user need to add location by Life360 web page but since now it is down I think there is no way Life360 and ST con be right connected… :confused:

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Has anybody found a solution for this issue? I end up the same Place - unable to add a place.
(I have done the devicehandler and smartapp handler)

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After a month, I just fooling around and I entered again to the Life360 Smart App in ST and voila !..there they are the places :hushed:…I can start use Life360 and its working great… I did not did anything …
I read that the broken link was since a Life360 update, maybe an upgrade corrected the issue.

Hi Carlos.
Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunatly its not working for me. When I have to choose the “Home” location in ST - still no places to choose, eventhough I have created the place in Life360 :-/

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Hi my friend, same to me, but suddenly I entered to the Smart App and I found the places, :thinking: Im a lucky guy …

Digging up an old thread here but just installed Life360 and had issues adding my home. No matter how many times I tried there was nothing to select. At the time, I only had myself added to life360 but after adding my other half and opening the life360 smartapp, my home ‘place’ appeared and everything worked as it should.

Hopefully this might work for others