How to set up Life360 with SmartThings?

I always have issues with using my phone as a sensor or w/e for automations. Been having issues since I started using it a couple years ago. It never works when I arrive home.

Anyways, I heard you can use Life360 and it should work better. Well I just downloaded Life360 and see nowhere to link my accounts together and can’t find any guides online on how to do it either.

What am I missing? Any help please?

Life360 has said that they do not intend to create an integration for the new smartthings architecture, so I’m afraid there’s no option for a direct integration anymore.

what kind of phone do you have? There are different options for a Samsung, galaxy phone, other android phones, and iPhones.

Here are a few recent discussions:




I have both Samsung (Android) and Apple (iPhones) to deal with.

I’m leaning toward the Tasker and SharpTools solution, rather than WiFi router connection.

  1. I don’t want to have do configuration on each phone - I’d rather just do something with my phone
  2. There are times when WiFi is (accidentally?) turned OFF on the phones, and I’m guessing that would prevent the WiFi router connection (detection) solution from working?

I guess I have a little time to decide yet…?

You can’t use Tasker with an iPhone :frowning:

ugh! haha…

Well, as luck would have it, it’s the iPhone that I’m wanting to stay hands off of, and the one I’m most concerned about having WiFi off…

Any suggestions appreciated!

Wait - isn’t there a solution that just looks for all the family Life360 notifications on 1 phone? My phone is Samsung (Android). Does that mean I could just do the Tasker / IFTTT solution on my phone to look and act on the Life360 notifications coming to my phone, and set ST virtual switches appropriately? and not have to do anything on the iPhone since it already has the Life360 app installed and I get presence notification on my phone for it already?

I haven’t used Tasker or IFTTT before, so let me know if I’m off base here…

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The inbuilt ST ‘Get your location from this phone,’ definitely works if configured correctly. However it is a little unreliable at the moment with all the changes at ST. I have automations to Arm and Disarm Home Monitor and it works most of the time. I also have automations to alert users if a window or door is left open and they leave and if the fridge door is opened when home is occupied and I’m not there.

It definitely works sometimes for some people. But from the very beginning of smartthings, there have been forum members who had the exact same configuration as other forum members but that presence option just didn’t work well for them and they had to change to something else.

There are many many reasons why this can happen, including local interference, but it’s usually best just to try one of the many other presence options until you find the one that works best at your own house with your own phone and your own habits. :sunglasses:

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I am finishing up some testing and will be making a post in the couple days about a couple different ways to handle presence in ST.


In the past I had on and off reliability issues with the built in ST Presence. Now though, since probably August or so, it has been utterly flawless on iPhone. Not a single issue and used probably 15-20 times a day on two different phones.

I did make sure the sensor was fully disabled and removed from both the IDE and the app, it seemed to linger in the IDE even after deletion in the app.

I fully uninstalled the app, clear all caches, and reinstalled. Then set it back up and made sure to define the geo fence area. Since then it’s been flawless for months now.

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