New app migration

All my iPhones disappeared on the new app after migrating. How do I check who’s home and who’s not? Any help is appreciated.

life360 is one option but you need to set it up from the classic app.

another option… create automations to send notifications or sms (if available in your region) to notify of user home/away status

ST did add location last updated time in the most recent app update in the location section but it only shows location last updated time but not the status of home/away

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If you really wanted a work around, you could use a Simulated presence sensor, which does show in the new app the same way that Life360 does, and use webcore to toggle it as present or not.

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I ended up creating a panel in SharpTools that I can pull up real quick to check mobile presence devices.


Thank you all for your help. I ended up using life360 and that does it for me.

I am in the new app and cannot find life360. How did you get to it?

in automations, it is under device status

One of the SmartThings tech support guys told me life360 was no longer going to be supported in the new app. Is that not true?

Right now, it can only be added through the Classic app. It does work in Automations in the new app under Device Status. But once groovy is shut down at some point in the future, it may no longer work if there is no new integration released for it.