"LIfe" Apps Not Working, Home Monitor in Particular (11 March 2024)

All the smartapps in the “Life” tab of my Android app are not working, and automations involving “Home MOnitor” statuses show an error. Is somebody aware of the cause?


Confirmed. App settings are not syncing either after logging in.


Same here, both “Home Monitor” and “Find” are failing to load.


Home Monitor is working on iOS :slight_smile:

Damn Apple takes the win here!
Unfortunately for me I am an Android user :frowning:

report the issue to ST support so they can investigate

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Unfortunately in Italy we can’t, the issue gets forwarded to a generic Samsung helpdesk which then replies with nonsense suggestions.

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Home Monitor and Find are spinning on the Life page.

Home Monitor is displaying OK on the favourites page and changing settings OK, but is not drilling down into settings. Update: Not any more it isn’t. It is broken like it is on the Life page.

Energy is OK. Guest Access I can’t tell.

The promotional tiles look OK for other apps but Add Service isn’t populating at all.

The /serviceinfo API endpoint is giving a 500.

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still report the issue. just because you get a crazy response does not indicate the issue is not getting logged and reported to a higher level somewhere. the more who report the issue may help them identify there is an issue they should look at. :slight_smile:

i updated app today on ios.
if you talk about portion of app which used to show alarms, armed/disarmed status, it is no longer there on favorites tab.
there are only devices, favorite routines and first row of icons which show number of devices offline, i guess some average temperature, humidity from all sensors, number of bulbs on, and link to weather.com.
if i press hold on any icon in first row, it allows me to select settings, when i select settings it takes to me “show home status” which does not show status.
what kind of loser designed this app? was it genz representative?


Home monitoring is also disappeared on Favorite under latest ios update.

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Reported to Samsung via the SmartThings app


Weird, everything is completely fine for me (Android, Europe)

Same here on Android. MONITOR just circles.

Same problem but this morning I saw there was a “scheduled execution” for today at 17.07 in the home monitor tab in smart things web

Not for everyone. Mine does not work and all the routines that are linked with it has errors

I am using iOS

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did you update to the latest iOS update today? I haven’t

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I can’t even report the error via the ST app :upside_down_face:

Happening on Android as well and that version hasn’t updated since 12/13/2023.