"LIfe" Apps Not Working, Home Monitor in Particular (11 March 2024)

On V2 Hub 51.02 and App for Android and broken here as well.

I am on the previous version of the iOS and it is still working. just wondering if the latest version contains something new that is related to the android version that is causing the issue. who knows!

but Home Monitor is still working for me on the previous iOS version. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

update: Home Monitor just stopped working :sunglasses:

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Yes I did.

I can see the STHM Service still under my.smartthings.com, and don’t see any error, however I also had other Services available to be install and today those are not even listed anymore, so seems like is all related to the Services Tap for STHM and for any other Service available (not installed). But thing are getting worst then and under Smartthings Status, there is not any outage.

I cant even report the issue via the app becuase it get stuck loading the “device” section to report what is having issues.

This is what I get when I try to open the STHM Service under my.smartthings.com


So definitely, something is broken.

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Since Data Update 51.02, my Home Monitor on the Mobile is not loading, for either of my 2 houses.

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My Home Monitor and Find is not working either.

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Mine is broken as well. Seems the home status is still able to be switched via routine, but not manually. I reported it. Looking forward to the uninstall, reinstall, and then blow away whole environment suggestion.

If you have a ST hub a temporary work around for STHM around would be to install @Mariano_Colmenarejo Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (Virtual Applications) Edge Drive and create a " Virtual Security Device".

The Virtual Security Device is still functional and allows you to Arm and Disarm your system. It also displays the security mode your system is currently in. Also a good backup for future problems.

No setup is need for simple arming and disarming. Setup is needed if you want to use the time delays.


I have also tried it and it works fine with the virtual device :+1:

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My iOS app is working fine at both monitored locations (including Home Monitor). App version
iOS 17.4, AeoTec V3 hubs, firmware 000.051.00002 on both.

Mine is no longer spinning. Now just gone.

EDIT: Now it’s back!

It is back.


Yeah! Its back :sunglasses:

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I seem to be back in business on my mobile apps in the UK.

Over the last ten minutes or so I’ve been accessing the /serviceinfo endpoint in the API with different users and with and without location filters. It had been returning an error 500 but it stared returning proper responses, albeit not the correct ones. It seems to have sorted itself out and now all I am getting is an occasional ‘parse error’ I’ve not seen before.

Another sad illustration of the dearth of thorough Integration & Regression Testing in today’s software world. I managed too many projects in my career for which I took heat because a release was deemed “late” by the higher powers. The test group is also one of the first sources of bodies for staff layoffs–or, simply bid it out to the lowest bidder.

Sorry about feeling this way, but it happens all too often these days when you load an app with “new features” and a plethora of things break.

Sigh… :expressionless:


CI/CD encourages the behavior. Roll out new features constantly and if there is a problem, roll back.

And let your customers do the Regression/Integration testing–not even Alpha testing.

That’s the problem with us GreyBeards in today’s industry! :laughing: :roll_eyes: :yum:

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Everything got back to normal for me as well.

It been sone months that energy and home care disnt work for me (iOS) so i cant control energy consumption or filter status of my devices… anyone like me?