Life 360 and Smartthings--any way to improve performance?

(phil) #1

Anyone get Life360 to work with ST all the time

(Ray) #2

I would say 95% for me before but lately not so much. I have to open ST app and update the 360 smartapps within ST also weekly now.

(Rick S) #3

Mine has been 99% reliable from day one. I had to refresh it about 3 weeks ago but before that it was 4 or 5 months

Android Marshmallow for both phones


(phil) #4

I have tried everything to get it to report to ST. I found a thread on how to set it up but it did not work. I ended up with three version of Life360 in the market place under myapps and now I can’t get rid of them. Any suggestions?

(Bobby) #5

Been at 99.9999 for more than a year…(Marshmallow then Nougat). High accuracy location setting and no app optimization …

(Ray) #6

Nougat and Mashmellow both phones same issue.

(phil) #7

for those that got this to work 99.9999% of the time do you have the process you used

(Bobby) #8

See my updated post…

(phil) #9

Application Optimization…where is that.

(Bobby) #10

…have another one… Never turn wifi off

(phil) #11

where is app optimization.

(Ray) #12

I think he meant this

(phil) #13

OK feeling pretty stupid…is that under battery under settings? still can’t find it and I guess it does not matter getting the same thing I did before. Basically I get all my users in ST but there always show away. Even me and I know I am home

(phil) #14

I guess Android 7 does not have it…

edited found it

(Bobby) #15

If it stops reporting, just open the Life 360 smart app from ST and click done. It does get stuck sometimes after a major update on both sides.

(phil) #16

I wonder if you can use like CoRE or pollster to refresh it hourly

(Rick S) #17

Yes Core or Web Core will do the trick however i don’t have anything refreshing Life360 and don’t have any issues

Try the things suggested here

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #18

Mine has been great for a long time, but over the pay couple of weeks I’ve been seeing an increased lag.

I’m on a S7 Edge with nougat