All phones stopped reporting presence

All 3 of my phones stopped reporting the presence of their users yesterday at around 10:00 AM. They seem to be stuck in their last known state. Anyone else having an issue?

Are you using “Get location from this phone” option in the ST app under Menu > Settings? or using something else such as Life360 or webcore presence sensor? the latter two options ceased yesterday when groovy smartapps were shut down.

More details might help.

Phone OS and version. Phone brand. Method used for geolocation…

If you are using Life360, there are reports it’s gone due to the Groovy shutdown that’s finally actually happening.

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Same thing with me this morning. It worked last night but stopped as of this morning. I was on life360 but removed it yesterday and switched to native ST.

Android 13 ST APP Version

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I was assuming this was a broader problem, hence the general details.

I thought I was prepared for “this day”… Yes

I was using Life360, WebCoRE, and native ST. All 3 stopped reporting. 2 Androids, 1 OS.

Bixby will only solve 2 of my 3 issues…

I just got off the phone with Samsung SmartThings Support. The issue is known and widespread, as they are logging thousands of complaints about geo location NOT working. They said it will be at least 48 hours for a resolution.

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Mine just updated finally about an hour ago

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Native phone presence is still working for me (iOS).

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UPDATE: 1 phone is showing correct status, (on phone and in IDE). 2 others still stuck on Present and Not Present from 3 days ago in IDE).

you need to provide us with more details for what is being used to detect presence:

  • “Get Location from this phone” from the ST app
  • Life360 which has now been shut down
  • webcore presence which has now been shut down
  • other

gets confusing when you say it shows in phone and in IDE since the “Get Location from this phone” does not display status unless you are using a virtual presence sensor linked to it.

Without Life360 support in ST what is the most reliable way to detect presence on Samsung Galaxy phones? I’ve come across several suggestions:

  1. ST app location.
  2. Bixby routine to detect location and control ST device.
  3. Alexa app routine to detect location and control ST device.
  4. Google Home app routing to detect location and control ST device.
  5. Life360 app notification with Tasker.

I used to use ST app location a long time ago and it was never reliable. Not sure if it’s improved.

Life360 is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment, not saying the existing integration has not been removed but there may be a short reprise

The tasker option can use a plugin called AutoLocation to set geofences. I’m currently using it. Seems fairly reliable.

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I thought the reason Life360 stopped working was due to groovy shutdown and their cloud to cloud integration. Unless they have plans to switch to the new Architecture it’s not a solution.

Nope agreed but people have been jumping up and down because 360 stopped working in ST, it might simply be a 360 technical issue, like i said, there may be a short reprise when 360 sort there end out… who knows !

Life360 has already indicated they are not going to create an integration for the new architecture.

Is there an official statement JKP from 360 ?

I mean its been mentionrd on the forum but i have seen no links to statements

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…but the IDE DOES. It goes back at least 6 days.

As I said, this was a SmartThings issue. (They owned it) Although I’ve not heard back from ST, my virtual presence sensors are working again(within the last 20 minutes), and the IDE is showing the correct State for ALL. Apparently they “fixed” the issue. I’m still researching other options as I’ve always had at least 1 backup.

ST presence has always been less than reliable for me.

In events log but still not on the device in ide nor app