LFM-20 Evolve for garage door

It seems there are a few posting regarding controlling garage door using the evolve relay. But is there a simple documentation? There is also a video by smartthings showing the garage being controlled, but for a not so techy person , how does one accomplish that? Isn’t therea simple plug and play device?
There are many options in the market like gogogate or mio, for a non techy much easier to go that route but than would that integrate with smartthings?

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I don’t have this myself, so I might be wrong here, but I think it’s a pretty straight forward setup.


There are six wires coming out of the back end of this relay, plus one red wire on the side.

The red is just an antenna for the z-wave radio. You can ignore this.
The yellow is for if you were connecting this to an 3-way aux switch. If you don’t intent to to this, ignore this as well.

The two blue wires going to wired, in parallel, with the wires running to the push button in your garage. If you’re wiring this put right next to your garage door opener just connect these to the same screws that your push button uses on the back of the door opener. It doesn’t matter with blue wire goes to with push button screw here.

That leaves three wires: Black, White, and Green. These are connected to your power Black is obviously load, white for neutral, and the green is ground. You’d wire these up just like a outlet or a light switch.

Thanks, will give it a try.

And be sure to check in with this list periodically. It has the relay listed and is updated all the time:


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@effusion01 I have the LFM20 to control my gas fireplace. But it is an open/closed relay. So to use it as a garage door opener momentary relay you have to toggle it closed and then open.
A better choice would be a momentary relay like this one:

This is made for exactly what you want to do…

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Thanks will try it out, does it need to get power? Is there any documentation of how to hook it up ? What app to use?

For using it as a garage door opener, you have to change the device type in the web UI to “Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch”. Then when you tap the tile it will automatically close and then open the relay.


The Remotec ZFM-80 was tested and is compatible :slight_smile:

There is the ability to add an external switch into it, but that has not been fully tested.


Oooooo… by “external switch” you mean like a push button or an on/off rocker switch?? This might be what I want for my gas fireplace.

Is there a documentation on how to setup the Remotec ZFM-80 for the garage door, anyone who uses that can provide some info?
is power needed? what connections? thanks.


I just hooked up the LFM20 to my garage opener last week. Works great! I’d be more than happy to help you install if you decide to purchase. I wrote a SmartThings app to toggle a delay so that the switch turns off one second after it opens.

Once a get a multi-sensor on the door I plan to add even more functionality. Auto-close after 9PM, etc…

Anyway, let us know what you decide. I got mine on Amazon for $40.


@dawgonking if you set the device to Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch it will automatically turn it on and off for you!


What all would I need, really want to get it working on my garage, I can get the lfm20 from amazon, what do I need to do for power just attach a plug?


Yes, I got a plug from the electrical aisle at Home Depot for $5. You simply make connections as described by chris above and plug it into an outlet located near the garage opener. If there’s not an outlet within range, you can run an extension cord.

I just walked in the door from a road trip but will provide a more detailed description of my installation tomorrow (with photos).

@Urman - I will make the correction tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!


How, specifically, do I change device type? Add a device type handler in the IDE? Thanks!

Disregard. Found it and switched it. Thanks again!

I just set up my switch with the garage door opener, but ran into a little snag that I was hoping someone could help with. The z-wave switch by itself or the garage door opener wall control button by itself - works flawlessly. However, every time I put both wires into the garage door opener screws at the same time, the wall control button light goes out and doesn’t work. Is there anyway to hook up both the zwave switch and the wall control button, so they both work? I also know people in the forum say install in parallel, but I am not fully sure what that means.

The opener itself has the 4 screws (the wall button uses the left two) and I think is a Genie unit.

Thanks ahead of time.

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Ok, so I figured out part of the issue. Changing the device to a Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch allowed me to run both of them together. However, after clicking the smartthings button to raise/lower the door, I still have to click it one more time in order to “turn ofF” the z-wave switch and get the wall light to come back on.

Wow that 6 wires thing was only way for me to fix this problem and thanks a lot for your suggestion it really helped me a lot and does the work of opening the garage door in a very straight forward manner it would be nice if we could have got any app extension with it which would be use for locking the door after a certain time example- like at 10:00 in the evening locking time and 7 in the morning unlocking the door this feature would really be a add-on.

hi all

i was going to install the lfm-20 to a craftsman garage door opener this weekend.

just have a few questions

  1. does the lfm-20 connect to the wall push button unit or the actual garage door opener?
  2. if it connects to the wall push button unit where do i connect the blue wires? I have red and white wires in the push button on the wall.

appreciate your help in advance!