Evolve LFM-20

Here is what I have.

I got the Evolve powered no problem. The issue is getting it hooked up to the garate door opener. The wire is really thick from the Evolve unit and just a small bare wire into the garage door opener to control the garage going up and down. I cannot get all the wire from the Evolve into the pinhole to control the garage? Any idea on how to do this? Create a hopper wire? Sorry I am not super savvy in this stuff.

My garage door is a Genie 1024


I connected the evolve to some low voltage wire I had left from the garage opener install, then ran that into the garage opener. Works great.

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I used a short piece of 18awg that I connected to the garage opener instead. The other end I connected to the lfm20 via:

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So I found some addtional wire, but still having issues.

I got both cables plugged in but something weird is happening

The evolve is working, execept when hit the switch on the Evolve, it opens/closes the garage, but it loses power to the wall unit and does not turn back on unless I hit the button on the evolve unit again.

I am at a lost and ready to return it at this point…very frustrating first SmartThings experience!

I’d be surprised this is ST related. Below is my hookup to my Genie garage door opener. The two (top) screws shown is where my wall switch was/is connected to. Like yourself, I found it was too difficult to add the blue LFM wires to these screws so I simply added 2 X 18AWG wires and connected the other end of each wire to the blue wires of the LFM20. I have had no issues opening/closing the door with (or combination with) the ST app , wall switch or remotes that came with the Genie.

Okay so it is figured out now. I had to change it to a momentary Z wave device…then it was just fine. :smile:

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