Garage zwave relay switch

ST gurus: I stumbled over google searches and saw the Linear FS20Z-1 Z-Wave Relay Fixture Module. It looks like this could be used to wire directly to either the door push button switch in parallel or at the garage opener with the contacts connected in at the motor.

It seems simple enough, any thoughts anyone?

Thanks in adv

Looks nearly identical to the Evolve LFM-20

Or the ZFM-80, which seems to be among the more popular choices. I installed one last weekend. There’s a lot of good info here:

If they’re the same then it should work right? I save $15 at Amazon.

Amazon prices are
Linear Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module $34.55
Evolve LFM-20 Fixture Module $49.24


I ordered one of these last week from Amazon. The tracking information on Amazon says that I won’t receive it until next week which I don’t get… but I’ll update once I get it installed and running.

Does anyone know if this one comes with the wires on it already just like the LFM-20?

I used a radio shack relay, some 18-2 wire from lowes, a GE 45603 Z-Wave switch and an old power cord. All wired up in a project box for around $50. Works pretty well. I just zip tied it to my support braces on my opener.

Just wish there was a garage door icon for a z-wave switch.

Ended up getting the Linear FS20Z-1 installed yesterday. I had to go out and buy a 25’ Ethernet cable in order to get my hub close enough to get it paired though.

I had a single gang outlet near the garage door button that I opened up to fit a two gang box which I put the FS20Z in.

FS20Z in two gang box

Switch cover in place

I have a Genie garage door opener so it isn’t as simple as running the relay in parallel with the two wires that go to the opener. The Genie switch has three buttons. One for open/close, one for the light and one to lock out the switch. I had to open the switch and use a DMM to find where to solder the wires to on the circuit board. I ended up finding two very convenient thru hole test points to solder 18AWG wires to. I don’t have any pics, but if there are questions about this, I’d be glad to help.

Garage door switch

Don’t let the slant of the garage fool you, I used a laser level to make sure the wire is parallel to the studs. I need to get some long staples to make the droopy wire not look so bad. Also, my roommate works with steel every day and is also apparently blind from the look of all the black steel residue all around the switch…

I then took the wire and ran it over to the stud bay that the switch was in and drilled a hole in the drywall to drop the wire down through. I ran the two contact wires from the FS20Z out of the gang box and used wire nuts to connect it to the new wire from the garage door switch. I did this instead of wiring them inside the box because there was no room, the FS20Z took up the entire right side of the gang box leaving only enough room for the wires coming out of the back of it. I think it turned out pretty good

I just finished reading everything I could find online about garage door openers and relay switches and decided that buying a z-wave relay switch was the best option. The SmartThings version is significantly overpriced to identical versions sold by others. The cheapest I found was on newegg at:

I considered using a plain plug switch plus a Radio Shack relay for $5 but the newegg price made even this hack of a solution more expensive. I will post again once it arrive and I have it installed. The basic procedure is to put it into the power switch and then wire the blue terminals into the same terminals as my button that opens the garage.

More to come…

I should have said that their price is $31 bucks… here is the direct link

I know this post is over 4 years old, but it relates to a question I’ve been searching an answer for. Were you using the Linear FS20Z-1 relay to control your garage opener switch? I’ve been looking for an option to control (through either z-wave or zigbee) the locking feature of my garage switch and I’m just curious if that’s what you’ve done.