Evolve LFM-20 overriding garage door lock

Hi, I am new here and am installing a few smartthings products throughout my home. I am having trouble however with the Evolve LFM-20 as a garage door opener. After installing the product, I began testing different scenarios to determine how smartthings worked with the garage door. Everything is great except when I manually lock the garage door using the physical lock button on my garage door panel, LFM-20 is able to override the door lock and still open the door.

Its being a bit paranoid, I know, but the purpose of the lock is so no one can open it unless you are already inside the home. How can I use LFM-20 while still maintaining the lock function? My garage door opener is a Pilot Raynor. I connected the LFM-20 to the same 1 and 2 port that the physical door opener is connect to.

I think all the lock switch does is disable the existing door remote controls.
Since the evolve is connected to the actual hard button, like the panel on your wall, it won’t be disabled.

Hi Mike. Thanks for the thought. I guess I should have mentioned I understand why it is happening but I am wondering if anyone knows of a way to restrict it from operating other than physically unplugging LFM-20 every night.

This is the expected behavior. If you press the normal wired button the garage door should open also. At least mine does. If you really want to disable that you could always plug the LFM-20 into a smart outlet that is not powered during certain modes. For me, I just have a ST multi on the door so I know if it is opened or closed independent of the LFM-20. I’ve never had it open or close unexpectedly.

That makes sense. I like the outlet idea. I guess there really isn’t a way to have LFM-20 run through the wired button so that the lock button restricts the signal is there?

The LFM 20 is only UL rated to control lighting fixtures, not as a garage door controller. I know a lot of DIY people don’t care about stuff like that, but using it does potentially bypass safety features that the lift manufacturer may consider mandatory.

As an example, UL’s 325 standard requires that any controller that operates in remote mode (where the person is likely out of sight of the door) trigger an audible beep before the door starts closing.

Use of a trip relay that bypasses the control panel will not cause the beep to trigger.

The manual lock bypass is similar.

Unless your insurance company, township, or homeowner’s association requires a UL certification, it’s an individual choice if you want to bypass the panel.

But companies like Chamberlain don’t exist because it’s hard to make a garage door go up. They exist because it’s hard to make one come down safely. And to maintain perimeter security.

Just sayin’ :wink:

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Yea, one would think, but the garage door guys seem to like running everything in the button controller over two wires, inside the button controller they have a mix of diodes and or resisters connected to the various switches in the controller, these then change the voltage across the two wires as seen by the motor. These voltage ranges are then decoded into the various settings…
So, no simple way of doing this with the evolve alone.