Evolve LFM-20 to Garage Opener wiring question

What is the best way to connect the two blue wires from an Evolve LFM-20 to my garage door opener.

I see on my opener where one red and one white wire from the hard-wired button are inserted (see attached image).

The red and white wires from the button are very thin and the blue are very thick. The garage door opener receptacles are too small for the blue wires.

Am I supposed to splice one of the blues into the red and the other into the white before they attach to the opener?

Thank you for any help. This is my first ST project :slight_smile:

I’m sure someone on the community will be able to help you out but I would be careful using those Evolve modules. There have been numerous reports of ghost opening of garage door using that module. The Linear GD00Z-4 is a much better option in my opinion.

Welcome to your first ST project Aaron!

Yes, because the terminal may be too small to accept the wires it is not a problem to simply use a small jumper wire that fits into the garage door opener terminal and then wirenut the two wires back to the jumper. But this device is just a simple relay. So to use it as a garage door opener momentary relay you have to toggle it closed and then back open again so that it acts like you are pushing a button. FYI: You might consider @JDRoberts [post here that this type of garage door operation doesn’t meet UL requirements] (Evolve LFM-20 overriding garage door lock) for remote operation like below.

@blebson is giving you some sound advice to get a device designed for controlling a garage door properly like the Linear GD00Z-4. It has all the correct local control built in like the momentary relay along with a garage door tilt sensor and an visual/audible alarm when you trigger it remotely so it warns anyone in the area before it opens/closes. It also will tell you when the door is actually in the closing and opening modes instead of just open/close. My local Lowes had them on sale a little while ago.


Thanks for both of your responses. Greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that my 8550 MyQ opener will only work with
their own proprietary hardware.

I may go-ahead and purchase the MyQ solution, but for now, I’m just going
to grab a coffee and move on to the next project :slight_smile:

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I have one installed for a year or more and although they are a challenge to sync they work well. I wired the blue wire and red or wire wire together with an electrical nut and then ran a single wire from the nut to the garage door. those holes are small and hard to get more than one wire in them. I have not had issues with ghost opening. I think most people who did had presence as a trigger sometime had triggers when they should not have but that was a ST issue not a Evolve issue