Dry Contact Relay Help

Hi all, I’m looking for a dry contact relay that will work in the UK. Something equivalent to the LFM-20 I think.

I want to automate a Gliderol Rolamatic RW-1 (Rol.a.matic). This garage door opener has safety features built in to it and simply opens and closes using a wireless fob, I would of course like to add it to ST and then use a sensor to detect if open or closed. Having looked at the manual there is an option to add a hard wired wall switch. At this stage I think you just complete the circuit to make the door open or close (I’ll confirm that later when I test it).

Having read this thread: LFM-20 Evolve for garage door

It looks you can add the LFM-20 as a thing and then re-assign the device type to be a “Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch”, then when you tap the tile it will automatically close and then open the relay.

So the question is does anyone have any solutions for a dry contact relay that will allow me to close the circuit that will work in the UK?

Thanks. Paul

Looks like I’ve again answered my own question:

Fibaro Relay should do it!


Yes it will however you might also consider something like the GD00Z-4 which is designed to work with most existing garage door openers. The disadvantage of using just a simple relay interface like the Fibaro is there isn’t any kind of a feedback loop for you to monitor about the door closing or opening and the status of the door itself. The GD00Z is designed with specific safety functions for operating a door out of sight like sounding a visiual and audible alarm warning of an impending closing or opening in case someone is near the door. It also uses a tilt sensor on the garage door itself that gives the feedback about the position of the door. For example if something went wrong with the door not opening or closing because of whatever reason you wouldn’t know it with the Fibaro. Its really handy to also know the position of the door so you can automate other things like give you warnings when the door has been open for over some preset amount of time. My phone app warns me that way when my kids left the door open from getting their bikes for example and then automatically sends a close to the door.
@garyd9 wrote this excellent device handler for it to work with SmartThings.

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Thanks for this. I didn’t really say a lot about the garage door in question, that has driven a lot of my decision making process.

The door in question is a roller door, it’s in the UK and I can see it on a CCTV camera. The door opener was a retrofit and comes with built in pressure/obstruction sensors to prevent it closing when there is an obstruction. It’s operated by wireless fobs but also has a dry contact I can utilise (hence the relay).

I was therefore thinking about putting a standard door sensor on it to tell me when it was closed and using a rule to close it at a certain time if open (assuming that’s possible).

That said your suggestion looks interesting. Does anyone know if the GD00Z is available for UK users? I don;t think it is?


Sorry, I don’t know if GD00Z is available in the UK. my bad.

Sure is possible. I use a simple app by SmartThings called Garage Door Monitor that basically monitors the door sensor and sends me a text message if it is open too long. And of course you can schedule a close command through a rule engine if you desire if door is open.

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Perfect. Thx