Leviton zwave switch wiring help

So I feel like I should have been able to figure this out, but gave it the ole college try and searched for it too. Anyway I picked up a few light switches from Home Depot (had a gift card to burn), and I could not get them working. The best I could get was my attached LEDs were rapidly blinking.
Is it my wiring? Is it my lights? Should the switch work without integrating with ST hub first?
Switch is Leviton DZS15 and there are 6 LEDs on the load
Thanks in advance.

Yes, the dimmer should work once you have wired it, irrespective of adding it to ST. This dimmer has been reported by others to work fine with ST, although, looking at the specs, it doesn’t say that it works with LEDs. So if your LEDs aren’t working that may be the problem, which has nothing to do with ST. Also, not all LED lights are dimmable.

You have to pull the neutrals out from the box (white wires twisted together with a wire nut), and connect the neutral from the switch to that bundle. Be sure the breaker is off before you do this. The switch doesn’t need power to function, but the x-wave device does need power. That’s how it get’s power, by having both white (neutral) and black (hot) wires connected, along with the load to the switched device. Some switches just have screw terminals; in this case you will need a short length of insulated wire to connect to the neutral bundle.

ok, after hours of trial and error, i figured it out…i think
i had to get an extra copper wire to tie into my neutral that were all wire nutted together. then it seems to work…other than now when i turn my LEDs off, they blink a bit…but hey, at least the switches work :smile: