Leviton Zwave Dimmers? (2023)

How do you like your DZ6HD’s? I have three of them and I’m about to add six more.

Tagging @HalD , since this question was for him. :sunglasses:

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I like them and would probably have more except for the expense. I did most of my build-out about 3 years ago and went with Zooz to save a fair amount of money.

I especially like the obvious dimmer capability. Two of mine are paired with the matching DD00R companion for 3-ways. With those paired up, you not only can dim from both sides of the 3-way but the companion dimmer gets the full complement of LEDs so it’s indistinguishable from the primary.


Nice! What a coincidence that you mentioned the dd00r. I will be installing one of these for the first time (along with it’s primary dimmer) on Tuesday.

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Using with these lights

Compatibility chart:

They work great if your wiring is the most common setup with line in one box and load in the other. Gets messy otherwise.

Just carefully follow the wiring instructions in the manual and all should be fine.

One of my DZ6HD dimmers is controlling an LED “canless can” light with no issues. Simple Eaton model.

Well I must admit, I did say “I will be installing…a dd00r”.Since the utilization of additional DZ6HD’s are part of a larger recessed lighting project, I hired an electrician to install the recessed lights. They have to cut holes in drywall and fish wire. They might as well do all the Leviton installs too.

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The electricians are at my house right now. They are having problems programming the companion (dd00r)

Did you have any issues with tap sequence getting it set up?

The companion DD00R is not a smart device and can’t be programmed separately.

Programming is only done on the associated smart dimmer.

I got the problem figured out. I bought new DZ6HD’s for my project. They were making the lights flicker. My older ones that were controlling the same LEDs in a different room we’re working fine. So the newer ones were faulty. I know this because I swapped the new switches for the old switches and they are operating the new lights perfectly fine. I was able to pinpoint the fact that the new DZ6HD’s that I bought were bad.

This is a picture of the older ones which work fine. Do you think that number that I circled is a lot number?