Leviton DZ6HD Not Dimming LEDs

I fear I already know the answer to this but here is to hoping…

I have 4 led celing lights. These are the bulbs

NICOR Lighting 5/6-Inch Dimmable 1200-Lumen 2700K LED Surface Mount Downlight Kit, White Trim (DLS56-2012-120-2K-WH)

Per Amazon. They are 17 w each.

I know they are dimmable, I bought them for that reason. They are screwed into the old high hat fixtures.

When I had a regular dimmer the leds dimmed, now the the Leviton it goes from full blast to off with nothing in between.

Any thoughts?

I have a Leviton DZ6HD dimmer that is running a single “can” LED fixture. Not sure what model LED, might be Ecosmart. Works fine for my fixture.

I did have issues with the Leviton dimmer and my Leviton switches dropping off the Z-wave mesh and cured that by updating firmware on the devices.

FWIW, I’ve also got 5 Zooz ZEN27 dimmers running up to three of the same fixtures with no issues.

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