[OBSOLETE] Leviton DZ6HD Dimmer Device Handler - cube1us

This topic is for announcements and feedback on a Device Handler that I am developing to handle the Leviton DZ6HD

NOTE: Another device handler exists for this save device in the jasonxh namespace. See post

Indeed had I spotted this one earlier, I might not have bothered with mine. There are some things that I think jasonxh did better than I did.

Please feel free to provide feedback, critique, desired enhancements, etc. in this topic.

My source code can be found at

Mine is currently at version 0.94. I would consider it BETA. I have tested it with my own device, and it seems OK.

Features of my handler:

When turning on the light, it respects the last level that was set, if the switch has its “Preset Light Level” set to 0 [the default]

There is a configuration/settings screen (see the gear icon in the app) that allows setting all of the parameters of the dimmer except the status indicator option

The status indicator option can be set from the detail “tile” screen (but not from the configuration/settings screen)

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Thanks for the code!

appreciate you mentionning jasonxh’s DTH as well. Not sure which one to go with, I think I’ll start with jasonxh’s first.

It’d be nice to have a comp between them to understand the differences

The coding style on his indicates a better understanding of things. A code-level diff would not be useful - they are very different in structure. Looking briefly at his code, the biggest thing I saw was that he has settings controlled by tile that I have controlled by the configuration/settings.

Hi there - I’m new to SmartThings and just bought the DZ6HD dimmer, and noticed that when I turn it on with the default ST app, it always goes to 99%; I see that the custom handler referenced in this thread fixes that. But I can’t see how to ‘get’ (download/install) this version … is there a guide to installing custom hnadlers/apps, or whatever they are called?

Also, while I’m at it … I could swear the light level is not as bright when at 100% as it was when I just had a simple switch. That is - it’s as if the dimmer switch is dimming even at 100%. I can’t prove this without re-wiring the original switch back in, which is easier said than done. Has anyone else noticed this? I do see, in the ‘advanced options’ section of the ‘manual’ (flimsy paper insert in box), that I can change the ‘load’ type from default of incandescent to LED; I wonder if that would help me in this situation? I will find out once I can figure out how to get this custom handler!

ETA: I just found this helpful post regarding how to get custom stuff: Leviton Dimmer advanced options - how to configure? … so I’ll read that and proceed!

I don’t recall that I noticed any difference in full-on intensity switch vs. dimmer when I tested my device handler - but I tested it with an incandescent rather than an LED. The LEDs that I have on these dimmers seem to be plenty bright, but I did not measure them. Please note that there are two handlers referred to in this thread, one being mine, and the other the work of “jasonxh” (link at the very top of this thread).