DD00R-DLZ Leviton matching remote LED indicator light setting

I’ve just installed several of these into my home wired in 3 and 4 way circuits with the new Leviton Z-wave plus dimmers. They work really well and provide instant status to Smartthings and have an intuitive design - so I’m very pleased.

My one area of disappointment is that on the main dimmers the LED indicator for dim level goes off after 20s (and can be programmed from a z-wave controller as needed according to the instructions). However, there is no information on how to change the behavior on the matching remotes. These are not z-wave controlled and nothing in the documentation seems to help. I’d like them to match exactly the bahviour of the main dimmer.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Many thanks.

I would call Leviton’s tech line. 1-800-824-3005

According to the specs,

LED Locator and Brightness Display tracks main dimmer

But I don’t know if the behavior can be changed on the remote. As you mentioned, they aren’t smart devices. These have somewhat unusual wiring, and it may have to do with that. But the tech line would know.

Thanks as always JD.

I will post any reply or if I find any solution.

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I got a response from Leviton very promptly.:

Thank you for choosing Leviton. Unfortunately there is no way to change behavior of the indicator light of the DD00R-DLZ

Not what I was hoping for - but still very happy with the dimmers.

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Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunate, but not surprising. I’m glad you’re liking the devices otherwise, they look pretty slick. :sunglasses:

I have Leviton DZ6HD 600 watt Dimmers. Leviton says to use the DD00R-DLZ remote, but is it possible to use the DD0SR-1Z which does not have a LED?
Or, since the remote isn’t programmable, would just removing the Neutral wire achieve the goal of deactivating the LED? Would there be any secondary consequences (i.e. remote doesn’t sync, burn out remote or main, etc)?

They need the neutral wire.

DD0SR is for binary on/off switch only.

DD00R allows dimming from the auxiliary position.

As to whether you can use the binary auxiliary with the master dimmer, you should ask Leviton support. I don’t know whether it will work at all.

I don’t know what happens if you don’t connect the neutral (may try when I install the next room - maybe this weekend) but there are two LEDs on the dimmers and the auxilliary dimmer, one shows on/off status and that works fine but the other shows the dim level and that is the “annoying one” that doesn’t go off as it does on the main dimmer. It’s a small annoyance but still makes the install look “less professional” in my mind.

Otherwise they are a really nice option and still function as expected.

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I agree, it annoyed me to when I noticed it and tried to look up about changing. I have two remotes sitting next to two dimmers (4 gang) and it just looks weird and throws people off when they go to hit the switch.

By the way - not connecting neutral disables any function - so isn’t workable.

Have continued installing several these - with the default device handler and they work well apart from the led function on the matching remote dimmers

A work around may be to use two fully functional dimmers - only one connected to the load and “z-wave associate” them or one of the dimming synchronizing apps but the wiring requires thought and understanding - it’s also more expensive.

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but I just came across the DD00R-DLZ on Amazon.

I’m building out smart switches in my new home and there are a couple of places where it would be nice to be able to control dim level from both sides of a 3-way.

Is it still the case that the LED on the aux switch can’t be turned off?

There are advanced settings discussed in the paper instructions that will allow you to change the functionality of the led indicator. Mode B on page 2.
Remote Install pdf

Thanks! I’m thinking about Leviton dimmers for the master bath. We’ve got two 2-gang boxes on opposite ends, about 20ft apart. Would be nice to be able to adjust dim level from either side.

At this point, though, I have a high annoyance level with Leviton switches. I have three so far and they keep disconnecting.