Leviton DD00R-DLZ: something smells fishy?

I wanted to go with the DZ6HD for a 3-way dimmer situation, but all websites and on the box of DZ15S-1BZ it says that for 3-way pole you need to by the DD00R-DLZ… but:

1/ Homedepot carries the DZ6HD but not the DD00R (so how does that make sense? in theory I cannot use it by itself. most people have 3-way setup.

2/ it is out of stock on Homedepot website

3/ it is even out of stock on Leviton’s own site: https://store.leviton.com/products/decora-smart-120vac-60hz-matching-dimmer-remote-dd00r-dlz?variant=34899319811

So… this makes me think something is wrong. Do you really need that item or am I supposed to get a different item if I want to buy the DZ15S line? How can it be so hard to get a item that in theory is a must if you want to use the first item… Levitron has all you need in Homedepot, but I am trying to avoid a hub and rather have a zwave system since I am thinking after I start (this is my first install), I will want to make more things connected and z-wave will give me that flexibility.

These are both brand-new items, so it’s not surprising that some glitches in the supply chain occur and not everyone has the switches. It’s also not unusual for there to be some shortages in the retail supply chain initially, as Leviton will likely supply their approved installers first.

Probably what this means is that the new switches have been more popular than Leviton expected, and they’ve run out of the auxiliary switches.

The problem should solve itself with time, otherwise you just have to shop around to see who has the auxiliary in stock.

(BTW, in my experience over the last three years Leviton is often out of stock on their own site. They really don’t want to compete with their professional installer channel, so they don’t keep a lot of stock on hand for direct retail sales. I wouldn’t read anything into that.)

This site is the only place that seems to regular stock them, right now they are back order though. You can use a regular switch on the other side of the 3-way but it if you hit that switch it will turn off the circuit and the Z-wave switch will no longer function.


They are back in stock on Homedepot.com

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