Leviton Z-Wave Outlet doesn't work with power allowance

I have a Leviton Z-Wave outlet that I have set up using the turn off with power allowance so once turned on it stays on for 120 minutes then shuts off. But it doesn’t shut off using power allowance. I contacted support and they told me this:
Thanks very much for letting me know, and sorry about the delay in response (I was OOO for a few days).

“What’s happening is a polling request from the Hub to your switch that’s resetting the power allowance time allotment. I can assure you we are taking this issue very seriously. I’ve tagged your account and you’ll be notified as soon as the fix is issued.”

Is anyone else having this problem? If yes have you figured out a way to get around this. I have Robot Vacuum plugged into it and I don’t like it powered for longer than the two hours. I know that they say there is overcharge protection, but I have seen this fail many times over the years, so I don’t trust it.

I don’t have a leviton outlet but I use quite a few light switches and outlets with smart lighting power allowance. After the major system upgrade last month. All my power allowance went belly up and I tried everything without success. Even support got them working for a day. I ended up removing the devices from the hub and added them back and got all my power allowance working again.

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Well I got tired of it and just used Rule Machine and made a rule and it works fine now. ST knows of the problem as the email I posted above implies so. I am going to wait and see if ST fixes the problem, if not rule machine will handle the power allowance.