Creating a rule for a plug to shut off after 4 hours?

Hi guys,

I am struggling to work out how I would set a rule for a z wave plug I have.

I have control but just wanted to set a rule that after it is turned on, if left on for 4 hours, as an example, it would then revert to an off state.

Can this be done?

I know that this can be accomplished easily with webcore. I tried to find a method to do this in the ST app. But I could not find a solution.

Use the ST smart lighting app. Set the plug to turn off after 4 hours using the power allowance selection.


Couldn’t you just use the timer option and then set it to turn off after 4 hours?


Looks like this worked a charm. We have an electric radiator which my wife keeps forgetting to turn off when she turns it on. So now, when she turns it on it will turn off after a set amount of time.

Thanks guys

Could oldcomputerwiz or anyone else share which app the timer option is located? I’m aware and currently using the power allowance for some rules but am interested in the ability to schedule an on/off timer.

The timer app is just in the light settings. But this would have to be activated each time whereas the power allowance option is a rule for each time it is turned on.

The timer mentioned and pictured above is from the new app (aslo know as the V3 app or STSC app). The timer is on the device page. The timer has to set to turn off or on in x minutes everytime you use it. The timer can’t be set on a schedule. The power on and off works just like smart lighting though.

I didn’t realize that the timer is a “one-off” thing. That makes it a whole lot less useful. In fact, I can’t really think of a use case for it now.

Thanks guys for the replies. Yes, it seems that is a fairly worthless function.

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If it works like I understand, very useful for countdown timer.
I need and use one fir recirc pump for hit water. Saves expense of running it too much. Small household with hot water needed at different times. Like to do on command. Neighbors do same. So far been using smart life plug. Because it had countdown scene in it

Yeah the power allowance doesn’t seem like the place to look. I’ve got a similar setup. Our basement gets cold in the winter. So we have a heater down there. I have it on a smart plug and also have a Fibaro motion sensor to guage temp. If the temp falls below 70 the heater automatically cuts on. If it goes above 74 it cuts off.

For some strange reason this automation has stopped working, anyone have any ideas?

It was working perfectly but stopped so I removed the device completely and re added it to smartthings and set it all up again and it just work work.