Leviton decora smart switch:. When turning off doesn't register as "off" in smartthings

When pressing the physical switch to be “off” the lights dim down and turn off correctly. But the switch does not show as “off” in smartthings.

I can press the on and off functions in the app and it behaves as it should to turn the lights on and off as well.

Normally I wouldn’t really care about this, but I’ve now tied 2 smart outlets to turn on and off with the switching of the light switch. This also works just fine if using the app to turn the light switch on and off. But because when I got the physical switch to off, smartthings still says it’s on, which then doesn’t turn off the smart outlets.

Anyone run into something similar?

Any help is appreciated as always.


Did not see that exact problem but I have some Leviton DZS15 switches and DZ6HD dimmers that had issues with reporting status.

The fix was to update the device firmware. What version are your devices running?

If you contact Leviton support, they’ll loan you a PC USB Z-wave controller and send you a software utility and updated firmware.

I checked the version. There was an update available. i’m now on firmware 1.4.32; CP 1.9

However, the same problem is occurs. Status update when hitting the physical switch is updated in the myleviton app, but not the smartthings app.

I’ll try reaching out the leviton service as well.

Ok, that’s newer than what I upgraded to. Version 1.20 was most current for Z-wave last spring or so. That was newer than what devices were running as-shipped. And it fixed problems that several of us had.

Other possibility is you’ve got mesh issues. Try a Z-wave repair?

So Leviton confirmed it’s a known issue.

“Thank you for that information, this is a known issue that is currently being addressed by our engineering team. You will be contacted when there is a permanent solution to your problem”

Didn’t provide a fix date though. I’ll update when I know more if anyone else is running into this.