Smart Lighting Power Allowance Not Working As Intended

I’m a newbie to ST, just bought my hub this week and installed two LEVITON wall switches. Got the one switch to work for outdoor lights on sunset to sunrise without a problem with an Automation. Trying to get the second switch to automatically turn off after being on for 30 minutes using Smart Lighting Power Allowance feature, but the light stays on. Any suggestions?

The following post might help. The explanation on using Power Allowance is based on the new V3 app, which I assume you are using if you just installed ST.

Which model of the switches? Leviton makes many different models on different protocols.

Also, can you post a screenshot of your automation?

I’m using the DZ15S-1BZ Leviton switch and the above automation. I set the timer 1 minute for debug purposes, but the switch doesn’t turn off. I setup the device to turn off at 8am each day and that works but the power allowance doesn’t.

Any other options on the automation?

Also, do you have any automations set up to turn it on?

I didn’t set any other features in the smart app. No automation to turn the light on.

What’s the second device being controlled by the automation? (It says “backyard and one other“)

Did you turn the switches off (and back on) after creating this power allowance rule?

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After trying and failing to get the automation to work I tried deleting the device and putting it back in the system. The device only shows up once now, but in the smart lighting automation the device now shows up twice so I selected both.

Yes, several times.

If it shows up twice, that’s a configuration error, and it’s going to screw up the automation. Probably one of those is a ghost device from when you previously added it. But you need to get that cleared up or the automation can’t run.

Since that’s an officially supported device, you can have support help you if you want. In fact, you may need to.

Ok. I’ll try contacting support. But it didn’t work before the ghost device showed up so maybe they can fix both at the same time.

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