Leviton VRMX1-1LZ and SmartThings

Has anyone bought/used these dimmers?

Are they compatible with Smart Things?

Search says yes

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Yes they are, please know that if you use it in a 3way switch configuration you will need to buy the matching remote switch also.

Not only does it work with ST, it is one of the only “instant reporting” dimmers available (the other being Cooper). Instant reporting means they have licensed the Lutron patent, and the dimmer will send a command to the hub instantly when switched. To get this functionality, the dimmer must be included directly to the hub, not with Minimote. Instant reporting is valuable if physically using the switch is important to an automation.

This device works great! I also see that it’s not on our official compatibility list. I’ll fix that (after running it through the testing suite).

Tyler, could you also run a Leviton DZMX1 through the tests? I have about 40 of them, and they work quite well also. They are a cheaper version of the VRMX1, without the instant reporting, but they look identical.

Certification testing for the DZMX1 was completed this Wednesday (along with all the other Leviton products that are at Home Depot).

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That’s the only ZW switch I have in the house, never had an issue with ST or any other hub. Well other that ZW range when I set up my ST hub in a different room than A+.
Only caution I can give you is to make sure you get the one pictured ( low voltage ) and not the older version. My local HD has a bunch of the old ones they are trying to get rid of that will not work with LEDs. I bought 3 of them last week , installed one , turned on the breaker and lights all came on. Dimmer showed it was working fine but lights were on full bright regardless of whether it was off/on or somewhere in between. Only way to shut the lights off was to trigger the airgap. I dug through the insert and found that they had a minimum 40W load draw, so useless even if used with multiple LEDs. Luckily they know me well enough at local HD that they took them all back even though I had installed 1 of them.

I have 2 of these. both in 4 way config. both work great. About to replace my GE ones with these as I like the instant status

Tyler, is there any plan to certify Cooper dimmers?

Not at this time. They should work out of the box with our support for generic Z-Wave switches and dimmers.

Is it just me having issues with these dimmers ?

I have trouble with the factory reset, there seems to be a programing within the dimmer that while clicked they turn on to 80% and instantly shuts off? how can i reset? and while doing the reset procedure clicking the gap for five seconds, then clicking the with until it turns amber and the wait until it stops flashing red, do not work and the programing within the switch continues to fail?

HD now shows these as “discontinued.” Anyone know what they were replaced with, if anything?