3 Way Dimmer for LED Recessed Lights

I am completing a whole house remodel. I fell in love with Adorne but I understand that it is not compatible with ST and Im not willing to modify them.

Aesthetically, I think my best option for LED 3 way dimmers in the Leviton Vizia line. Does anyone know of any better options or whether Adorne may be supported by ST in the future?

If you are looking at the Leviton Vizia switches, you should look at the GE Z-Wave dimmer (12724). You can get them on Amazon, Lowes, pretty much anywhere and they work with dimmable LEDs.

Will Leviton models so you recommed?

which leviton models work with ST for 3 way dimmer for LED recessed lights?

I can not speak to the Leviton switches other than they are listed as compatible products:

I used the GE switches and have been happy with them. They have a nice clean design and are reasonably priced.

I have several GE switches and they do work well with ST’s, but keep in mind that GE and the Vizia RF+ are not functionally synonymous. If you have any need for “instant status” updates, you may want to stick with the Vizia RF+ line.

@JDRoberts has covered this subject quite well on several occasions. Here are just a couple of links worth reading:

I’m using the GE Smart Dimmers with LED lights and LED Recessed Lights. They work really well and I really been worried about the delay on the three way switches. My previous dimmers were sliders, so that has been the biggest change. The GE Smart Dimmers actually have given better lighter whereas my old switches sometimes caused a bit of flicker with the LED lights, but the GE Dimmers are great even are really low levels.