Leviton Switches Offline - Since Changing the WiFi - Repairing Z-Wave Did Not Resolve the Problem

When I look at the history the switches were connected (on off status) till the old WiFi stopped working. I connected the ST hub to the new WiFi.

When running “Repairing Z-wave”, I get two error messages for the devices: Failed to update mesh info and Failed to update route.

can you provide more info:

  • which ST hub do you have? is the hub online?
  • model of the Leviton Switches? I assume they are z-wave?
  • are they the only devices affected or are other devices affected as well?
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Thanks jkp

  1. Not sure about the model. Here is an M/N: IM6001-V3P01 on the hub. Yes, it is online - shows connected in the ST app.
  2. I have many Leviton models using z-wave - they were connected till the WiFi change. Shown in history.
  3. The hub is connected to the Nest thermostat and Somfy RTS shades.