Leviton Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Going Offline

I have a Leviton Z-Wave dimmer switch that controls my kitchen under cabinet lighting. It’s integrated with Smartthings and my Google Home. Since I switched to the new ST app and enabled the updated Google Home integrations, this particular switch keeps going offline. I have several other Leviton Z-Wave switches (all non-dimmer) that are still working without issue. I’ve run several Z-Wave network repairs, manually and remotely rebooted my ST hub and even deleted the switch from my network and reinstalled. But I’m still running into the same issue with it being offline. Any suggestions? I’ve done some reading around and I may need to update the switches firmware? But I can’t find any specific instructions on doing so.

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Contact Leviton support https://www.leviton.com/en/support/contact-us/product-support

You need to talk a level 2 support rep.

They can send you a loaner ZWAVE USB stick to update the firmware.
They may decide to send you a replacement dimmer

I just did this 2 days ago for a plug in dimmer. They are sending a replacement with the latest firmware.

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Will do. Thanks!!

There are a couple of threads on here regarding updating Leviton (and other) Z-Wave firmware. Personally I purchased and used the HomeSeer SmartStick solution as Leviton was not responsive to my request for help. You need to get to the 1.20 firmware version.

Z-Wave Firmware Updates


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I also bought the Homeseer SmartStick+ last year and was able to update firmware to 1.20.
I had a hard time doing it and the documentation does not give any info about using it with Smartthings as a Secondary Controller. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down all of steps on how I got it to work.

I just bought another Leviton plug-in dimmer and it was version 1.13.
When I ran the Homeseer software it only showed four Leviton dimmers but not the new one or my two wall dimmers. I did a Z-wave repair but the result was the same.
I posted a message on the Homeseer forum but received no help, so I gave up and called Leviton…

I played with the HomeSeer SmartStick some more and figured out to add it to SmartThings as a secondary controller and was able to update my new dimmer to 1.20.

Got a response back from Leviton via their tech support, whom I emailed. Was told to reset the breaker, factory reset the switch then remove and re add it to Smartthings. No luck. They are sending me a replacement switch with the latest firmware. Hopefully that resolves my issues.

That should fix the issue.

To update…Leviton finally got a new switched delivered with updated firmware. Installed without issue and all is well again.