My leviton z-wave switches keep losing connection to the st hub

I can set up no problem but then various ones will show disconnected. I reset, remove device and re-add. some will work for awhile, then another will go offline. when offline, I hit the switch and it then shows online as well? z-wave repair just keeps going, never finishes. wonder if I need a new hub. tried factory reset as well. any advise? I don’t use the leviton app, should I?

Search the community for Leviton. Lots of us having this issue.

Most, including me, have solved it by purchasing a z-wave USB stick and z-flash utility from Homeseer. Use those to update the firmware in your Leviton devices.

I think one person complained enough to Leviton support that they sent him a loaner z-wave stick and software to do the upgrade