Several Devices went Offline?

Starting on 12/7 @ 11pm PST about half of my 20 Z-wave devices (thermostat, switches, dimmers, etc) went offline on the IDE and stopped responding via the mobile app or Alexa.

I’ve rebooted the hub by puling the power, but it still says the devices are offline.

Any ideas or help? It was working reliably for the past few days. I hope this isn’t a frequent problem as I expect connectivity to be rock solid!

That is mistake #1 . There is no such thing as rock solid connectivity. " modern " cellphones have been around since the 1980s and while they have improved greatly over the past couple decades they are still not rock solid 100% reliable. ( I don’t care what Sprint and VZW claim about covering over 99% reliably )

Was is all of your ZW devices or just some ? There are literally 1000s of things that could cause devices to drop off your mesh. It is usually caused by local radio interference.

Fair enough. I don’t need a 100% up time, but was hoping for automatic restoration of devices.

The only change I can think of is I added a couple Leviton dimmers in my previously GE only switches system. It was working immediately after installation of the Leviton dimmers. Just failed a few hours later.

Did you do a Z-wave repair after installing the new switches ? Whenever you add new Z-wave devices you should rebuild the mesh.

Have you gone into the app , to one of the failed devices , into its settings and clicked repair ?

I have GE & Leviton switches in the same gang box, so they will work fine together without interfering

Thank you for taking the time to help. I really appreciate it.

I went into the app > hub utilties > repair mesh.
I don’t see an option to repair specific devices.

I’m going to try and hit the red reboot button on the hub and hopefully that’ll connect things up.

NO, go into the app, NOT the IDE. Select one of the devices not responding, ( showing as inactive). Click on the settings, scroll down and click " replace". That will sent signal from hub to try and force a connection. It mat take a few minutes and it will either say " device not failed" if it was able to reconnect. Or it will say ready to replace, if it wasn’t. If it says ready to replace you need to put the device into inclusion. This will usually mean doing a general ZW exclusionto actually reset it.

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Thanks again for your help. Followed your directions but couldn’t get the devices to recognize or go Online again.

Will have to go thermonuclear and reinstall. So bizarre that the devices just lost connectivity like that.

Ended up being my CT-30 thermostat. After I added the Z-wave module to it and got it on my network, it killed the mesh. Supposedly a known bug with the Z-wave module. I made a post about it on the Devices forum. Hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else… this was a super annoying problem to solve for a new Z-wave owner!

I’m not sure about this being a bug, I’ve repeated this scenario 3 times now: add a new device, no problems. Forget to repair the mesh afterwards, same 3 or 4 devices (furthest from hub) drop. Seems more like a behavior, and its well documented that you need to repair after adding, and I assume removing, devices.