Leviton RZP15 - 15A


I have tried to add the Leviton RZP15 wall plug but the Hub is not finding it.


Would anyone be able to assist with this?
Thank you.

Perhaps the wallplug is not being put into inclusion mode? Or perhaps it is too far away from the hub at the time of inclusion.

The most common reason why the device will not pair is that it was paired with a test controller at the factory, and that pairing was not cleared. This happens, it’s not a big deal. So usually the first step is to reset the new device to its factory settings and exclude it from any previous network. This will then make it available to join your SmartThings network.


Check your manual, but for this device the usual way to reset it to factory settings is:

R1) unplug the device from the wall and wait 10 seconds.

R2) plug the device back in and immediately press the programming button on the device. Hold the button in while the lights flash. They should flash yellow, and eventually turn solid red. At that point you can let go of the button, the device has been reset to initial factory settings.

R3) do an Exclude on the device to release it from any previous network inclusion. If you need help doing this, contact support@smartthings.com

Now the device should be ready to include.


When you first plug in the wall plug, the LED light will light up. During the inclusion process, the color of the light will change as a status indicator.

I1) open the mobile app to the dashboard, then tap the plus sign to start SmartThings searching for the new device.

I2) plug the wall plug in no more than 12 feet from the hub, and if possible within 6 feet. The LED should light up solid red. If it does not light up, the device is defective; contact the manufacturer.

I3) press the program button on the new device. The LED will begin to flash amber as it searches for the hub. If the LED turns off, inclusion is complete. If the LED stops flashing and is any color except Red, press the program button one more time. If the LED turns solid red, inclusion has failed and you will have to repeat everything starting from the factory reset. If the process fails twice, contact the device manufacturer.

All of this is in the manual you linked to, although in separate sections of it. I’m not sure why that extra button press would ever be required, but they do mention it.

Good luck!

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I was able to add it in after resetting zwave hardware.

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