Leviton Leviton VRF01-1LZ Ceiling Fan Switch

I recently purchased the GE Ceiling Fan Switch (12730), but is only shows as a dimmer, and the control tile has a slider instead of a Low Med Hi Off style of control.

since there is a Smartthings Device for this Leviton Fan Switch, can I assume that it has the control style I prefer?

I have read a thread from a user who has created his own device type and control app for the GE, but I struggle with this stuff… I have only installed a door lock (Schlage) several dimmers and a couple of ceiling fan switches… and use the generic controls in the Smartthings app…I am not using any smart apps yet…

There is a 20% off sale on Amazon for Leviton Stuff for the next week or two so the Leviton Switch is about 80 bucks… The GE is 40 or so… I like saving money with the GE but really need help installing this user-written device type and app… but maybe spending the extra dough for the leviton makes more sense for simplicity…

Not sure if i am making any sense here…

Hi, I have several of the Leviton fan switches, and they all work great. You are right that they will show up in SmartThings as dimmers. But that’s not really a big deal, unless you are hung up on a particular UI picture of how it should look. All of these ceiling fan switches have three speeds. When presented as a slider dimmer, or even the physical switch itself sometimes, low dimmer levels yield low speed, medium dimmer levels yield medium speed, etc.

So my suggestion would be that if Leviton is on sale, go for it. It’s a good quality product and works well with ST.

Sorry to revive an old topic but I am looking at these leviton fan controls. I have a regular wall switch that controls power to the fan and light. How would this switch work in that application? Would I just get control of the fan speed and/or light with whatever setting the pull chains are already set to?

You need to have a separate switch for the light, and one for the fan in order to use these fan controllers. It will only control one load correctly.

OK, that’s what I figured. I really wish there was a solution for older style fans with the separate light and fan speed pull switches.

You might be able to rewire the fan, inside the fan housing itself. You would have to separate the light and fan wiring, and see if there is a neutral available. If so, you might be able to use an Aeon micro switch in the housing to control the light, and then use the fan switch to control the fan. It would depend on how your current fan is wired whether this is possible or not.

Yeah, I really wish there was an easier way to do this as my bedroom has a light/fan combo that i would want to control with zwave

Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. Sounds like I will be pulling my fan apart tonight. Would it possible to reverse that though, use a microswitch in the fan to control fan speed/on-off and use the wall switch to control the light?

No. The Aeon micro switch can be a light dimmer, but not a fan dimmer. You need the special fan control for 3 speed fan, a regular dimmer will not work!

@bravenel is correct, if you use a dimmer to control fan speed you risk killing your dimmer and / or your fan motor.

Have a question…I got 4 CASA fans with dimmable LED modules 3 months back. I am installing them using VRF01-1LZ, which will control the fan speed. I am planning on using VRMX1-1LZ for the LED dimming. Will they work with CASA LED modules?
Would greatly appreciate guidance.

How did this turn out for you?

Yes Dale…they did work for me.

Thanks Subash. I have done one fan so far with the GE Smart Fan Switch but have been looking at the VRF01-1LZ that you used. I have two more fans to put under control so I am trying to determine if I should use the more expensive Leviton or stay with the GE. Any thoughts?

Stick to Leviton…at least from the aesthetics perspective. I think they are as good as any.

I just purchased this switch and I have a Altura 68 inch fan from the home depot. The switch got added to smartthings as a dimmer and it does turn on the fan but at 100% dimmer the fan is on low speed and if I set it to 34% the fan turns off. So it only knows low speed. Does anyone else on here use this fan with this VRF01-1LZ?