Recommend switched for light & fan

Hi everyone. I’m going to be doing some home remodeling soon & would like your input on what type of switching have to use for diminish & cling fan. Not sure what route to take because I like the ge switch but the lutron also looks like a good buy. Any help is appreciated.

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If you’re OK with two switches side-by-side, the simplest will be just to use The GE fan switch and a GE light switch next to each other, or the Leviton fan switch and the Leviton light switch next to each other.

Both of these are popular and work well. The GE is considerably less expensive, but the Leviton has a few extra features. So it really just depends on what you want. (For example, with the Leviton you can customize where low/medium/high are set for the fan.)

One thing to be aware of is that both companies have zwave plus models coming out in the next couple of months. The GE ones are just starting to come on the market. For the GE, the zwave plus models start with a “14” instead of a “12.” Leviton has not announced the new model numbers yet.

There are several advantages to zwave plus, most notably significantly longer range and somewhat easier pairing in Place, which is helpful for wall switches. So if it was me, I would probably wait and get those. But the older Z wave classic models are fine, many people are using them.

One thing to be aware of with the Leviton in addition to the higher cost is that they are somewhat unusual for: you only press the bottom of the rocker. Most people don’t care, but some prefer the more conventional form like the GE where you press the top for on and the bottom for off. So that’s just something to be aware of.

You mentioned Lutron. There is a single gang Lutron switch that can control both light and fan, but you will need a harmony hub to integrate it with smart things and because it is an IR remote if someone turns on the fan at the wall switch the status will not update in SmartThings. That’s different from both the Leviton and the GE, where pressing the wall switch will be reported to the SmartThings hub. So again, just something to be aware of. People generally only choose Lutron if they have a retrofit to do, and no neutral at the switchbox, and don’t want two switches side-by-side. So this works for some people, but most prefer a Z wave switch instead for this scenario.

Here are the older models. Again, though, personally I would wait for the zwave plus versions.


Thank you for taking the time to explain all this I think I will.keep it simple and just go the ge route. I have someone doing the installation so I want to try and save a few bucks if I can. I did not know the lutron was 81.00. That’s alot of money for one switch and I’m going to need 4.

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If budget is a major factor, The GE switches are sold at both Home Depot and Lowes, so if you can get a general 10% off coupon from either of them, that will bring the price down by another three or four dollars per Switch.

Also, prices on the older models of the GE switches are just starting to come down as the new models are coming out. So you may see additional markdowns on the “12” models over the next month or so as they begin to be replaced with the “14” models.

I’m going to play it safe and go with ge zwave plus. If it were just switched I would not worry about cost but I’m getting a lot of work done on the house so that’s why I am trying to save anyway possible.

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@JDRoberts I have a question…my dining room is one switch with the round know that dims. You push the know in to turn it on and off. There is also a switch that just turns that light on and off. The bulbs for the chandler are regular small light bulbs. If I were to try and replace those 2 switches, could you tell me what I need to buy.

Has anyone tried the new GE zwave plus switch for ceiling fans with light, its only 39.99 $