Ceiling fan integration

I have an electrician coming to replace a ceiling fan with light kit. The fan has two wall switches, one for the lights and one on/off switch for the fan. I want to add this fan to SmartThings hub eventually. To my knowledge there is no speed control available at the switch. Will the GE Z-Wave fan control wall switch actually control the speed also? There are two chains at the fan which operate as on/off for lights or speed (hi, med, lo) for the fan.

I’m skeptical that just changing out the fan on/off switch with the GE Z-wave fan control will actually allow me to control the fan speed. Any suggestions? I’m wondering if I should have the electrician install a wireless receiver of some type up in the fan housing while he’s up there. It’s an 18’ ceiling. So I won’t be able to get up there easily after he’s gone.

Yes it will. You leave the fan speed chain on high and the switch acts like a dimmer (that is appropriate for fan motors) to set the speed. Anything in the first third is low, middle third is medium and top third is high, but search around for the great custom device-type by @johnconstantelo for discrete low/medium/high settings.


Thanks @Sticks18, I appreciate that!

@curtis, Here’s the post with info to help you out:

Yes, the GE 12730 Fan Control Switch works great. I have one for every ceiling fan. There is an updated device type available that works great for choosing low, medium, or high speeds. I set the speeds to medium or low usually and just toggle them on and off as needed. When I want to change the speed it is easy enough to do and then the switch remembers the last state.

You are lucky that there are separate switches for the light and fan so you can control each separately.

Thanks guys! This is the best news I’ve heard all day. So to clarify, there is nothing I need to add to the wiring in the fan housing?

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I have two wall switches controlling everything like you want to do, 1 on/off switch for the light and 1 for the fan control switch. All the wiring from those to the fan were all normal wiring. Sounds like you should be good.


Help…I don’t see a white neutral wire on my existing fan switch. Just the line, load, and ground. And the GE fan switch isn’t working without the neutral wire. Anyone else run into this?

oh wait, I just found a jumper in the bottom of the box! Working great now.

Glad to hear it worked for you :smile: I have only 1 button to control my fan and light , any idea which product can control both fan speed and on/off functionality…