Fan Control - Separate from Light on Fan?

Hi folks. Second post here. Got so many positive, helpful comments from my first thread that I thought I’d try a second. Apologies if this isn’t in the right category.

Planning out my smart home & in-wall switches, and trying to figure out how to configure a smart fan switch. Currently, I have one integrated wall switch that has two sliders - one that controls fan speed (and on/off), and another that dims the light - both part of an integrated ceiling fan unit.

So, my question is how do I switch over to a smart version of this wall switch. My first thought is to move to having two separate wall switches - one for fan control, and another for light control. But I’m not sure I can. Is there a way to go “smart” with this setup?

Alternatively, the fan comes with a remote/receiver, so I could probably use an off/on smart switch on the wall, but this wouldn’t solve the issue of being able to control dimming & fan speed functionality from a smart perspective.

Any helpful would be appreciated.

See the Fan FAQ. Although it has Alexa in the topic title, it covers all smartthings fan integrations. :sunglasses:

The topic title is a clickable link.

I’ve never seen a switch like that one. Looks interesting…

Thanks JDRoberts - Will check out that article now!

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Looks like Leviton 6630. That’s their standard dumb design for single gang Control of a fan with a light kit. It’s from their SureSlide line.

Or it’s a copycat, But that’s a trademarked design:

You can’t make a switch of that design smart, though, which is why leviton never did. That’s an analog switch and the smart switches are digital. :sunglasses: