Fan controller suggestion needed

Hi All…

What do you all think the best fan controller to use with ST is?

The “best” fan controller for you is going to depend on multiple variables. You don’t include any information about your particular hardware situation (Ceiling fan? Variable-speed fan? Built in light(s)? Do you have a neutral wire available in your current switch box? etc.), so even if someone knew the “best” answer for every situation they still wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate answer.

The best I can do is tell you that I’m using GE 12730 Z-Wave fan switches paired with GE 12724 Z-Wave dimmer switches (both of which require a neutral wire) to control two of my 3-speed ceiling fans w/built-in lights, and they’ve been working perfectly for just about a year now.


I use the Schlage locks to keep my fans out.


I use this…

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Assuming you have a neutral at the switchbox and you just want to replace a wall switch controller and then have smartthings control of the fan as well, there are 2 zwave devices available:

GE fan controller

Leviton fan controller VRF01-1LZ

The Leviton costs more, has more configuration options, has a longer warranty, and is on the official “works with SmartThings” list. Both are popular in the community. :sunglasses:

Wow I did ask that question very badly!

I have a ceiling fan with a light in it. Currently it is controlled with a one gang device with both fan speed (off, low, medium, high) and light (off, low, medium, high). I could not find a Z-Wave device (or any remote controllable device) to replace it. Last night, I put a micro dimmer up into the fan to control the light and I’m very happy with that.

So now I need a one gang device to control the fan itself. My plan is to go into the box and just tie the wires that power the light together so there is always power to the micro dimmer, and add a one gang fan controller.

This will leave me with no way to control the light in the fan manually, but that’s okay. This room also has wall sconces and is between the kitchen and the garage. So I am now using this light to light the way after the garage door is opened.

Although the controller is three speed, my fan will work with a variable speed controller. And I do have neutral available.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

Doing some reading about those two fan controllers, I see someone mentioned that the GE unit buzzes. Does the Leviton unit also buzz?

I see the GE unit is 3 speeds, is that also true of the Leviton?

If now, are there any fan controllers that allow any speed, not just three choices?

Mine don’t buzz at all. Quiet as a tiny mouse. The older GE dimmers would buzz, but never the GE fan controller.

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Ditto here.

My fan does. When I installed the switch I never noticed the hum before, but after installing the switch I noticed it. So I pulled out the GE and installed a regular switch. Hum still there. Put the GE back in.


Thanks everyone. I ordered the GE. I have Leviton everywhere else, but I couldn’t convince myself to spend an extra $24for the few extra features and the Leviton name.

Your choice of the GE fan controller switch you won’t regret. As the others have noted, mine as well as my brother’s is super quiet as well. I also don’t have a light switch for my fan lights and mounted my dimming controller in the fan canopy. As far as the manual light control you can do some work around. I have Alexa and that by far is the most common method we use, but before Alexa I used the Aeon Minimote sitting on my end table and program the buttons to bring on/off the fan light to pre-programmed levels.

And don’t forget to look at automating your fan speeds with a thermostat app.

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Thanks @dalec! So many options, but I don’t even need to be able to turn this light on. This is a small room between the garage and the kitchen, and I have bright wall sconces at either end, along with 3 way switches. I ran into some trouble replacing the 3 way switches with Z-Wave devices, but the main goal is to automagically light the room when someone comes home at night.

The fan light with the mini dimmer does the trick! When a presence sensor arrives, the garage door opens. That in turn switches the fan light on and, 5 minutes later, turns it off. Next trick is to decide on a door lock that will just open, although I have mixed feelings on that.

Truth be told, I don’t need to control the fan. I just want to :slight_smile:


My GE light dimmers all buzz. I hear buzzes that other people don’t. I’m either more sensitive to it or I am crazy. The Levitons that I have don’t buzz. I don’t have the GE fan dimmer.

Okay, if it buzzes I’ll send it back, gotta love Amazon Prime!

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