Leviton DZR15 smart outlet stopped working

Two weeks ago, I installed and successfully connected the Leviton DZR15 smart outlet to my smartthings hub. It operated properly until yesterday. The controlled outlet (the top outlet) no longer functions. The bottom outlet is always on and functions properly. The indicator light for the top outlet is no longer lit. Pushing the program button no longer activates the top outlet, as it did previously. I have attempted to exclude the device from my network, but the app does not identify the outlet when I push the program button to initiate the exclusion protocol. I have reset the hub and have attempted to repair the zwave network, neither action seemed to have an effect. Thoughts?

Cycle power to the outlet and see if that helps. It sounds like the device may be failing, so doing anything in ST won’t help.

I had the same behavior with my Leviton VRCS2-MRZ, and the only way to get it back was to flip the breaker it was on in my panel to cycle power to it.

You’ll be able to reinclude it back to ST (hopefully).

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Thank you, John. Upon your recommendation, I flipped the breaker off and then back on. This actually worked. I pushed the programming button and the indicator light came on. I wish that I knew whether the device is failing or not, but for now I am happy that it was an easy fix. I hope that this does not occur on a regular basis though. Did Leviton replace your VRCS2-MRZ?

Maybe I will contact Leviton or the retailer that I purchased it from.

Glad it’s working now. I was able to get it exchanges by zwaveproducts.com.