Bulbs or Outlets + remote

I currently have 4 lamps in my family room that have CREE bulbs in them. I also have 2 Lutron Connected Bulb Remotes that I have mounted to the wall to control all 4 bulbs. I’ve used the alpha device handler that is available on this site to add the remotes to SmartThings, but it’s too buggy and results in the remotes not working a large majority of the time. Trying to decide whether to just scrap everything and buy 4 Lutron plug in lamp dimmer switches (or some other cheaper alternative), or dust off my Wink hub and just use the Wink Hub for the purposes of getting the bulbs to work properly with the LCBRs and Alexa in that room.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Does anyone knows of a SmartThings compatible alternative to the Lutron plug in lamp dimmer + remote where the remote is small enough to fit in a decora wall plate? I haven’t found anything browsing these forums or in the big box stores/Amazon that has caught my eye.

Another wrinkle - I also have the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge hooked up too… if I do go back to Wink for that one room, is that going to cause any issues with operation of my Caseta Smart Bridge?

If you can wait, these work and look good. I have one connected to my Hubitat hub but there are drivers for Smartthings too.

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I love those and can wait! Thanks!

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They are slick. Before we bought our place they had an additional overhead light installed in the kitchen. The genius that did the work put the switch in the living room.

I added one of these. Because you don’t need a wall box I was able to use double sided tape and just use a dual switch wall plate. Didn’t have to add a 2 gang wall box and Dremel out the subway tile.