Will Leviton ZSD07-ADZ 0-10v dimmer switch directly connect to SmartThings

I’m confused on the compatibility of the Leviton ZSD07-ADZ.

The Leviton product page says that it requires the 74A00-1 Lumina Gateway to operate. It does not mention ZigBee protocol anywhere in the documentation.

This SmartThings compatibility page says that it is compatible as a ZigBee device.

Can anyone confirm that this dimmer switch is ZigBee and does not require the Lumina Gateway to connect to the SmartThings hub?

As a new user, I could only add two links to the post. The documentation for the switch is available at https://www.leviton.com/en/docs/DI-000-ZSD07-00C-W.pdf

Yes, it is officially compatible. You use the smartthings hub instead of the Lumina gateway, as they use the same zigbee profile. :sunglasses:

And here’s a marketing document from Leviton which lists Lumina devices as being compatible with a smartthings hub. Leviton support can confirm this for you if you like, it is an official integration.

This is pretty common. The IKEA Tradfri devices will say that you need their gateway in order to work, but you can use the smartthings hub instead.

Sometimes the literature will say “or a compatible hub,“ but sometimes it doesn’t.

FAQ: All in one place--is there a single comprehensive list of all Devices that work with SmartThings?

Thank you. I was almost certain that was the case, but didn’t want to spend the money until I confirmed.

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Yes, those Are nicely engineered switches, but expensive if bought for individuals. They’re really intended for hotels and office buildings.

In any case, I always recommend buying from a place with a good returns policy, because like any electronics, a certain small percentage may be defective.

It was about the only option I could find for a 0-10v smart switch. I’m tired of dealing with the compatibility issues with standard dimmers causing buzzing led lights, so I’m going with these for my bathroom remodel.

Qubino has a zwave 0-10v micro which is much less expensive, but does require its own power source since it’s DC. Not a big deal if your LEDs are already low-voltage and you can tap into that, but otherwise the wiring gets complicated. And it requires custom code.

There’s another option you can use with a Lutron Caseta switch, but it requires wiring yet another device inline and that extra device is super expensive, even more than the lumina.

So there are a couple of choices, but I think the lumina is the most straightforward. :sunglasses: