Wink (V1) and Smartthings Hub connection


I hope there was no topic like this before.
I appreciate all and any help you can provide.

I have a bunch of Lutron caseta switches and Leviton outlets. All of them controlled by Wink (V1) hub.
I just got my Smartthings Hub so I can add more smartthings devices to the smart home.

I am having difficulty finding a way of connecting the ST hub with the Wink hub.

Any experience with this?

I appreciate your help.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to do that. Well it is theoretically possible to link the 2 zwave networks, it just doesn’t work very well. And it wouldn’t give you any access to the Lutron devices.

You can get some indirect integration because both wink and smart things have an IFTTT service/channel. It will work for some use cases, but not others.

SmartThings has added its own official Lutron integration about a month ago that works very well, although you will need a Lutron SmartBridge to make it work. But it will give you a much better integration than trying to go through Wink.

Thank you for your help JDRoberts.

Do you have any experience with the Leviton outlets? I can get a lutron bridge, but would prefer not to buy another one for the leviton outlets.

As long as they are zwave models, the Leviton outlets should work fine with SmartThings. But again you would have to remove them from your Wink network and then add them to your SmartThings network. They can’t belong to both at the same time.

I appreciate your help. It looks like I will get a Lutron hub and the rest will work with ST.

Thanks again.

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Lutron bridge. ( I know nobody but me cares about that, well me and any other network engineers around. But the Lutron SmartBridge device is a bridge, not a hub. Hence the name. :wink: )

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My bad… :smile:

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No problem, like I said, no one but me cares about that anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You will see a plaintive post for me once or twice a month about either the Lutron device or the Philips Hue device, a faint cry in the wilderness: “it’s not a hub, it’s a bridge…” but you can feel free to ignore it. It’s like a navy vet saying “It’s not a boat, it’s a ship.” No one else cares. :anchor:

Yes, you must never confuse the smartthings bridge and hue hub… If you mix those up you might as well just go back to the POTS.

@JDRoberts :vulcan_salute:

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Oh oh oh… I have got to get this one straight… ONLY a sailor can call her “the boat”. A real sailor never calls it a ship… But a civilian can NEVER call her “the boat”… it is ALWAYS a ship to a civilian… Or the army and the chair force.

Just sayin…